Gardening in the Winter

February 20, 2013

What do you do in the garden during the winter? Besides dream and plan, there are some actual activities that need to get done.

*   Move and spread mulch for more of our Back to Eden garden. We mulched a damp area at the bottom of a slope that is going to be our potato patch this year.

February 19 13 - 0007

*   Plant indoors to get a jump on the spring/summer garden. We planted broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers last week (old seed=spotty germination but i refuse to buy new seeds when i still have some from prior years!)

February 19 13 - 0004

*   Continue to harvest what is left of the fall crops. We still have a little bit of spinach and lettuce. The kale is doing well & the broccoli is continuing to grow so when it gets warm this spring, we will hopefully get some harvests from it.

February 16 13 - 0067

*   Prune! I spent a couple of weeks this January pruning all of the blueberry bushes (about 40 of them), the apple, peach, and pear trees.

*   Bake and Cook! I turn off the heat at the house during the day so I look forward to bread baking, soup making, and pumpkin roasting that heats up the house.

*   Plan! I am still finalizing my garden plans for this year and we are planning on getting chicks next month!

*   Dream: Lately, I have been dreaming of having ducks in the future to free-range on our pond during the day in order to improve the ecosystem there and hopefully help take care of some of our mosquito population. As I walk my baby around the house, calming him down for naps, I gaze out the windows and dream.

What are your winter garden chores? What are you dreaming about?


3 thoughts on “Gardening in the Winter

  1. Laura
    I spent last weekend playing with this handy online tool for planning my garden. I did an inventory of our seeds and chose the ones I’d like to plant. It’ll be our first year here at our farm so I have tons more room, however some places in our yard are much more sunny than others. I also really have no idea how many things to plant to have enough for eating, canning, and freezing without being overrun. I think this planner will help me for track from year to year to help me figure those things out.

  2. Laura

    PS the garden planner is free for 30 days, in order to use it for the whole year and year after year it’s $25 for one year or $40 for two. But the 30 day free trial is very helpful for the initial planning at least.


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