In Over Our Heads

February 28, 2013

I am a perfectionist, definitely. If I do something, I want it done the right way (ie. my way) 😉 Therefore, I try not to do anything at which I will not succeed (don’t jump into things at all). I am very cautious.

As far as the garden goes, over the past six years (since we’ve been in our house) we have implemented new sections little by little so we do not get overwhelmed but as soon as I get pregnant (which has happened quite a bit) or as soon as heat sets in (we are in North Carolina), it becomes harder to keep the weeds under control, harder to keep up with the harvests, and much harder to keep up with all of the processing (even though we freeze & dehydrate more than we process/can).

The Back to Eden Gardening method of mulching heavily is supposed to help with weeds. However, we have Bermuda grass that crawls under whatever barrier is put up and will pop up anywhere (even has popped up through our asphalt driveway!). Therefore, I know there will still be weeds that need to be pulled so the plan was to just do a small garden this year and work from there.

So, we set up our small garden this past fall (newspaper, cow manure, 6″ mulch).

February 24 13 - 0115Can you see the sticks? they are marking rows (not enough manure to spread evenly & deeply but enough for 5 10′ rows)

Then, this winter, we burned a big brush pile and thought, ‘The grass is dead, and the pile is where it stays moist even in the summer – might as well make this into a potato patch!’ (cardboard, no manure available so I’ll add as I plant, 8″ mulch)

February 19 13 - 0007

Then I decided to make a small garden in a very shady place in our yard so I could maybe grow cool season veggies like lettuce even during the North Carolina summer. (cardboard, chicken manure, 6″ mulch)

February 24 13 - 0111

Then we decided to order chicks because the mulching of the Back to Eden Garden is great but chicken manure makes a HUGE difference. So we have 21 chicks coming next week.

Did I mention my SIL gave us a gift certificate to a seed catalog so we are ordering NINE raspberry plants in March that will need to be planted & watered until they are established?

Umm…I hate to say this because children are a blessing from the Lord but I hope I don’t get pregnant this summer! This is insane! I am very nervous! I have some plans written out…like showing the kids how to weed and every other day letting them weed a section of the garden…

I hope I don’t regret doing so much at once! If any of you want to come over and help this summer, we’d love to have you! We’ll send you home with lots of blueberries and hopefully other veggies as well! 😀

This week, I’m linking to Simple Lives Thursday. Check it out! There are some great tips to be found!


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