Wrapping up February Budget

March 1, 2013

I went through all of our receipts for the month and when all was said and done, we spent $10 over our budget! Not bad, not bad at all.

I spent $110 on groceries this last week. So, of the four weeks in February, I was under budget for three of them. I was also under budget for gas, which is why we only went $10 over budget – because of how much $$ I spent week 2 on groceries.

My husband is going to continue the juice fast into March. He loves the amount of energy it is giving him and other than a desire to chew once in a while 😉 , he loves it. I wish we owned a scale because I am sure he is losing lots of weight but it’s hard to tell b/c of how big he was when he started. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has lost 30lbs or so by now though.

I am going to keep the budget as it is ($112/week for groceries, $230/month for gas with hubby driving to the city 2-3 days/week & me trying to cut down driving). I would love to raise the grocery budget but there just isn’t enough money to do that even if I wanted to so I am just going to continue to be a hermit and try to find more ways to NOT spend money 🙂

Speaking of not spending money, my neighbor planted some kale for me this past fall. The bugs got more of it than me but he never turned it under and after all of the frosts we’ve been having (killing the bugs), I was able to pick a grocery bag and a half full of kale the other day. I planted some too, which produced another 1/2 of a grocery bag full. So, that’s about a day or two worth of kale for juicing and some creamed kale for our supper – money saved 😀

Blogging about budgeting, though not exciting to many, was a good way to keep myself in check – having to report successes & failures…are you accountable to anyone for your budget? In what areas do you struggle? Please give any suggestions you have – I am all ears!


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