Part 1: Creating Your Menu

March 12, 2013

I’ve had some questions lately about what we eat, how we decide what to eat, how I plan meals, etc. so I decided it would be easier to devote a series of blog posts to these questions.

  1. Creating Your Menu
  2. How to make a grocery list and stick to it.
  3. Recipes (one cuisine style per post)

Creating Your Menu

A year and a half ago, when we decided to attempt to go meatless and basically vegan after watching Forks Over Knives, I didn’t know where to start to get recipes. A friend directed me to Whole Food Mommies and Kiss My Broccoli. From those two places, I dove straight into the Foodie (specifically the Vegan) blogging world. There are a plethora of recipes. Most are desserts but we have found enough meals to make a good menu 🙂

The recipes I will post later in the week are what work for our family. We love them. However, I encourage you to search for your own family. Try some new recipes. Figure out what works for you!

The first six weeks, I tried about 21 recipes and starred them for

  1. how much they were liked
  2. how much time they took to make
  3. how much they cost to make

We now have about 12 recipes we LOVE and about 5 more that we rotate in and out, depending one how adventurous we are feeling.

I categorized these recipes on our menu sheet into cuisine: American, Italian, Asian, Mexican, and Soups.

Each item on the menu is a full meal. Each meal consists of

  • a salad
  • a main item (with most of the protein)
  • a green (kale or broccoli are our favorites)
  • and another vegetable.

It makes it easier when writing out a grocery list to have the whole meal written out , so nothing is missed.

I will post tomorrow about how to make and STICK to a grocery list. My goal is to go shopping only once a week so organization is the key!!!


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