Part 2: How to make and STICK to a Grocery List

March 13, 2013

I am continuing my series on menu planning, grocery shopping, and easy vegan/vegetarian meals…Click here to see part 1. Today is Part 2: Grocery Shopping

Grocery List

Shopping the Sales:

The day before grocery shopping day, I shop in my freezer to see what I can use in order to not spend as much money at the grocery store – this is what I call ‘shopping the sales’ 😉

For example, when we have spaghetti squash, I freeze 1/2 so another week, I look in the freezer & see we can have an Italian meal because we already have the spaghetti squash for it (one less thing to buy)!

I hand over our menu to the hubs: he chooses some, I allow the kids to choose a meal each, and I’ll choose a meal or two as well (using the freezer items).

Next step: look at the recipes & write down on the dry erase board what we need to buy for the week. I also mentally go through what we eat for breakfast and lunch to make sure everything is bought for the week for those meals as well.

I have been adding dessert to our dinners (every other night) because I don’t want my kids to think healthy eating means never eating anything sweet – so I’ll write down whatever we need for those as well. Remember, my goal is to only go once a week, so I try to get it all!

Final step is to write what is on the dry erase board onto a slip of paper, in order of the store: produce first, then eggs/dairy, breads, diapers/toilet paper, then working my way down the inner aisles for things like spices, beans, rice, frozen fruit & veggies.

Katy Blog1Just so you can picture it: Here is our menu, my white board where I write down what is needed at the store, and my grocery list, in order of how the store is laid out, ready to go shopping for the week!

(btw, my husband is still juicing so we have leftovers quite often so no food goes to waste. When he starts eating with us again, we will not have leftovers for supper because he takes leftovers for lunch).

You go grocery shopping every week. You know where everything is. Why not write it all down so you can work through the store in a more efficient manner? Besides, when you go grocery shopping with five kids, you want to get in and out as quickly as possible!

My motto is: Stick with the list! All I have to do is show self control in the grocery store then I won’t have to when I get home (because there will be nothing tempting)!

So…OCD? or organized? 😉 I realize I am opening myself up to criticism but if only one of these tips helps someone, I’m okay with everyone thinking knowing I’m OCD.

Tomorrow, I’ll start posting recipes. We’ll start with American cuisine

oops! forgot to say I am linking to Simple Lives Thursday! Go check it out! I get TONS of great money saving/natural ideas over there 🙂


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