I give you permission to NOT BE PERFECT, Part 1

March 23, 2013

Recently, I submitted an article to a very popular blog. They were interested in publishing the article and asked me to send pictures. I sent the pics I had, which were, admittedly, pretty bad. Once they got the pics, they said they were going in a different direction.

I understand that blogs need to be aesthetically pleasing in order to attract more readers. I enjoy looking at pictures too and tend to gloss over posts that are too wordy. I will continue to work on taking more pictures and making the blog prettier, I promise.

However, some people (moms, in particular) read blogs, see everything looking perfect, and feel inadequate, to say the least. Counters clean, dinner ready, children helping in their cute little aprons…

So even though I will continue to try to take more pictures (keep in mind I am NOT the professional photographer, that would be my husband), I wanted to take time in this post to talk about how FUNCTIONAL is much more important than pretty or perfect.

Here are some pics of our kitchen…this is normal…not cleaned up…but, for the main part, functional.

March 20 2013 - 0098(juicer is always out because we juice 2x/day; jar of seed being soaked and then sprouted for the chicks, behind is my pile of dirty napkins/rags from today ready to be thrown down the shoot)

The next pics show my messy, messy table.

March 20 2013 - 0101

(my workspace with my TO DO list for the day and where my 2yo keeps his toys; books i am reading to the left)

March 20 2013 - 0108Camera equipment (hubby’s a photographer) and school stuff (stack 1 for 6yo, stack 2 for 3yo, stack 3 for 5yo, stack 4 for everyone). I could do without the camera stuff but what are you going to do? If we had a bigger house, maybe we would have a room for photography equipment (yes, it would take up a WHOLE room) and a homeschooling room. Since we do not, we school on the couch and at the table. Remember: functional.March 20 2013 - 0099Who wants to wash 15 plates each day? I do not even own 15 plates! (15 plates = four oldest kids’ plates for 3 meals + my plates for 3 meals) So, we use the same plates and cups for all three meals (unless it is really messy) and just clean the table at the end of the day (which means plates & cups are on the table from breakfast until the end of supper). This way, the dishwasher only needs to be run once a day; therefore, saving time and energy (mine, electrical, and water)!

So, no, my table and counters are not spotless. I am giving you permission to have, what some would call, a messy house. Keep it as clean as you need to in order to not go crazy (some people just can’t function in clutter) and please keep it clean enough to keep the bugs away, but other than that, PLEASE find better things to do with your time!

Now that you’ve seen my messy kitchen, feel free to stop by anytime – I have no reason to be embarrassed anymore since I posted all of the craziness online 😀

I’ll post Part 2 early next week…stop on by 🙂


2 thoughts on “I give you permission to NOT BE PERFECT, Part 1

  1. The Homesteading Hippy

    I hear you,
    I try to stage my photos so that a minimum of mess is visible, as well. In reality, my tiny little kitchen is always cluttered, not because we’re messy, but simply because we don’t have the space to store our stuff. I think this is a good message for people to understand! Feeling inadequate is never a good thing…
    ~The Homesteading Hippy

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      I’m glad someone understands & is willing to admit that they are not perfect 😉 I was pretty embarrassed, putting those pictures up but this is my life and I want to be as real as possible 🙂


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