Permission to NOT be Perfect, Part 2

March 25, 2013

In Part 1 of my posts about being an imperfect blogger, kitchen cleaner, mother, etc, etc, etc. I showed you pictures of my kitchen. Why? Many reasons.

  1. I hate seeing Facebook posts about how inadequate mothers feel when they see/hear about what other mothers are doing – be it homeschooling, cooking, mothering, whatever – and I did not want anyone feeling inadequate by reading my blog
  2. I want to be real and transparent. I am always trying to find ways to be efficient so I can get everything done that I want but that means functional is more important to me than beauty – I just want to be upfront with you.

One last pic of my ‘functional is not pretty’ kitchen.March 20 2013 - 0096Apples are ripening pears and avocados. Older bananas are ripening new bananas. (Leaving pears in bags guarantees they never ripen and leaving apples in bags guarantees they will all be rotten pretty soon.) Yes, we eat this much fruit in a week (eat, juice, and in smoothies)!

Moving on to more inefficiency problems solved in a not so pretty way…I find myself telling my children to get dressed, brush your teeth, brush your hair… every day. Not nagging – I only tell them once – but they have come to expect me to tell them what to do so if I forget, it does not get done, which turns into some mad bed hair and yucky-smelling breath.

This clearly needed to be fixed. I saw that Michelle Duggar has chore packs. I thought it was a great idea so we implemented them right away. Again, they are not pretty, but they are functional.

March 20 2013 - 0103I had scrap pieces of paper – each child picked the color they wanted. I wrote down what they are to do every morning after breakfast. The children who can read get words. Those who cannot get pics. I am sure more will be added as they get older. We have been doing this for a week now and it seems to be working perfectly. The only reminder they need is to get their chore packs.

What are you doing to make life easier? Are you giving your young children more responsibility? Is it freaking you out as much as it does me? 😉

Oh my goodness! I forgot to link back to Simple Lives Thursday! Sorry ladies!


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