Teaching Children Responsibility

March 26, 2013

As I am a bit overwhelmed with…everything…I am realizing the importance of giving my children more responsibility. It is great when you see a family in which the teenagers are cooking, cleaning, taking care of farm chores, etc. but that is not us…yet.

You may be in the same boat as I am: We are a family of littles. How do I get from here (me doing everything by myself) to there (having children who not only help, but are able to do household chores independently)?!

I know it is a process because I have been told this. I have been told you just have to start somewhere, that it will take longer at the beginning, and that you just have to be patient.

I mean, really, who wants to do that?! 😛 This is why each child has basically one chore – it is easier, and a lot less messy, if I just do everything myself.

Where are you on the spectrum? Control freak, like me, doing everything yourself and being run down by the whole process? Or are you one of those wonderful moms who allows the children to help and doesn’t mind the extra messes as long as they’re learning?

I am trying to let go and allow the children to help more. Admittedly, some days I just do it by myself and send them outside to play, if for no other reason than to have a quiet house. Some days, when I am feeling more adventurous, I’ll try to teach someone how to do a new skill.

I am teaching my 3yo how to sweep (as he is the messiest eater), but only on days when I have time to do it with him. I am teaching my 2yo how to dress himself, but only on days when I have time to do it with him. See a pattern here? I am not teaching my 5yo to do anything right now as patience tends to run low with her (we butt heads because we’re so much alike). I am teaching my 6yo to cook eggs. One day all of this will pay off…right? You all with older ones, PLEASE tell me it pays off one day!

March 20 2013 - 0022March 20 2013 - 0067March 20 2013 - 00755yo and me making the strawberry jam for the week.

I am already seeing the chore cards paying off, giving me more time in the mornings.

How do you get your kids more involved? What are your littles doing to help around the house (so I can gauge what can/should be able to be done at certain ages)?

oh my goodness! I forgot to link back to Simple Lives Thursday! Sorry ladies!


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