March Review (Budget, Garden, Chickens)

March 28, 2013

How did you do this month, budgeting? A long month is always hard when it comes to money.

Still juicing! Will it ever end? Idk but one day, when our diet gets back to ‘normal’ (hopefully a new normal in which we only eat healthy food – even desserts!), maybe our budget will as well.

Still going over the budget in the area of groceries but we are also limiting car use so that has helped even out the budget a bit. We still went over for the month (BOO!) –  $50 over, which is worse than last month but all I can do it not give up!

I’ll just keep trying. Right now, these are the foods we are making instead of buying: jelly, bread, beans (instead of buying canned), coleslaw, pizza crust, sloppy joe buns. We are growing and eating kale, spinach, lettuce, and some broccoli from the garden.

March 26 2013 - 0029I make as much as possible on bread baking day so I do not have to have all of the equipment out as often. I freeze the bread and it tastes fresh (but not as squishy, which is great when slicing) out of the freezer! The wrinkled ones were the last ones of the day. They were forgotten about and rose for too long. They are still uniform on the inside, the tops are just not as smooth.

February 24 13 - 0116(This was a month ago, so everything is bigger. There is not much lettuce left, as we have been eating it up!)

Last week I sowed carrots and peas and planted more summer crops in our milk jugs. I have not done an update on them because of the 15 or so jugs I have outside, only one has any sprouts. It seems like such a wonderful idea and it is not costing me anything so I will stick with it this year but it does not seem to be working…we’ll see…and I will give an update when I have final thoughts on them 🙂

Hopefully the weather will turn warmer soon so we will be able to enjoy peas, carrots, more greens (they really take off when the weather warms), etc., which will help our budget.

Eggs are still a number of months away but, again, if it warms up a bit, the chicks are just about big enough to spend some time outside each day, which means they can clear more grass and weeds in order to expand our garden more.We are finishing up our tractor to keep them safe from the hawks around here.

March 20 2013 - 0089

In the meantime, they are growing more and more!

orpington3 weeks old. Feathers are coming in (all but one bird who has no feathers on his back…odd…)

flying chickenThey have made it up to the third rung (which leads to the roost).

connor with birdMy 2yo LOVES going to see the chicks 2-3x/day. He is great with them!

How is it almost April and we are still holding our breath for Spring? We live in North Carolina for goodness sakes!

oh my goodness! i forgot to link back to Simple Lives Thursday! Sorry ladies!


4 thoughts on “March Review (Budget, Garden, Chickens)

  1. Suburban Farm Chick

    I’m impressed with all the bread you made! How many pans do you have? Your chickens really are coming along. They grow fast. I can relate with the seeds as well. I’ve planted my summer crops and in pots and still very little has come up. Frustrating! I hope we will both have success soon.

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      I have four pans. I make two loaves at a time. While two are rising, two are baking, and two are cooling on the cooling rack. If I stick with it, I can get a lot of bread made in a day 🙂 thx for commenting 🙂


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