Harvest Monday and Seedling Progress

April 29, 2013

This past week, I planted a round of green beans (snaps) and lettuce in the BTE (Back to Eden) garden. Most of the snaps have come up and the lettuce is sprouting as well. The lettuce and carrots I planted previously continue to sprout as well.

April 25 13 - 0166 April 26 13 - 0137

I wanted to plant more hot weather seeds in the greenhouses but it is close to time to plant the transplants into the ground. This week, we had a bit of a cool down, but all together, the nighttime temps are getting in the 50s. So, I decided to just go ahead and plant some seeds in the garden. I planted eight different types of tomato seeds, carrots, lettuce, and spaghetti squash.

In the beds with overwintered veggies, the broccoli continues to bolt, the kale just started, and the spinach is showing signs of bolting so the kids and I harvested a large bag full of kale and a slightly smaller bag full of spinach.

DSC_2367(LARGE bag of kale, medium bag of spinach with some broccolini and another bowl of kale)

We ran out of EVOO this week so no kale salads 😦 I just put the kale in my husband’s juice. The kids and I ate all of the spinach in two nights. The first night, I put a pealed/cored apple in the food processor and spooned that on top of a handful of spinach for each child. The second night, I boiled 3 eggs and we had chopped boiled egg on top of our spinach.

Oh how thankful I am that my husband was feeling lazy while I was in the NICU this summer with the baby and told the kids to just eat their salad without dressing because he didn’t feel like getting up! I would have never thought it possible but what a blessing!! Saves us money, my kids are eating less HFCS/sugar, and things like finely chopped apples give spinach enough sweetness for all of the kids to ask for seconds (ages 6,5,4,2)!

I am nervous that my plants are coming up and stalling, like one of the BTE demonstration gardens did. The problem, they discovered, was that they planted straight into the mulch, not the ground, and this is why the plants were not thriving.

I planted in aged cow manure and then put composted chicken manure on top so I cannot imagine that is my issue but my pea plants do not seem to be growing any, so I am a little concerned. You can’t tell with carrots how well they are growing just by looking at the leaves and the lettuce and snap sprouts are too little to tell if they are growing at an acceptable rate so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

The potatoes continue to grow! I have read to cover/hill them when they reach 12 inches above the ground. Paul Gautshi says there is no need to hill but I am keeping an eye out to see how tall they get.

April 26 13 - 0405

I also planted some corn this week (silver queen and yellow). I filled in two 4×4 boxes with mulch this past fall. In order to plant the corn in the ground, I had to get most of the mulch out. It was not fun and I felt silly, like I did something wrong, but it’s done and I think the corn will do well. I’ll post pics when it starts coming up. I am planning on doing the three sister’s garden in the corn beds.

April 26 13 - 0476(my husband thinks candid shots are the best…see how there are never any candid of him πŸ˜‰ )

I am linking up to Daphne’s Dandelions’ Harvest Monday this week. I will be getting a lot more harvests this year as opposed to last year…now if I can only remember to take pictures of them…


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