Transplanting Corn

May 28, 2013

When I planted corn, I had very old seeds. In one box, I put 2 seeds/hole and in the other I threw a lot in each hole, hoping to increase my odds. The first box had spotty germination but in the second box, I ended up with about six or so corn plants/hole.

corn box 2(box 2 early on)

box 2(box 2 at the time of transplanting)

They looked so good – I hated to waste them. I transplanted some into the first box to fill it in.

box 1(box 1 – the tall plants are those transplanted. there are smaller ones from the original planting, just peeping out of the mulch)

I then raked back mulch & ripped up plastic & weed cloth in another section of the garden to create another corn patch.

corn hole(mulch raked back, tarp ripped up, corn plants transplanted – corn boxes to right)corn hole 2(up close of corn transplants)

With the plastic and weed cloth, the mulch was unable to condition the soil so it was pretty compacted. However, not wanting to waste the corn plants, I transplanted them anyway and put some chicken manure in that area as well. I probably should have dug some holes but I was trying to get it done quickly because when the baby is taking a nap, you only have so much time.

The corn still goes through droopy-looking spells but has not died yet! Even after all of that, I still had to thin some corn plants. I also planted running beans, pumpkin, and spaghetti squash in box two, as the corn plants are already getting pretty tall. The pumpkin and spaghetti squash are coming up strong and the beans are starting to sprout as well! I am attempting the three sister garden (corn, squash, beans) with the corn this year.

Has anyone else done a three-sister’s garden? How has it worked out for you? I am a little concerned that I have too many squash plants – that they will run out of room!


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