More plantings…

May 29, 2013

I mentioned previously that I have been moving more and more of my cool season vegetables out of the full sun/main garden into my shaded garden by the house.

I moved kale, which looked pitiful…then we had a 3 hour downpour and they perked right up. Next, I moved some lettuce (no rain since and I am unsure if it will rebound as well). I can tell the kale and lettuce I transplanted from my greenhouses have grown but only time will tell how long I can keep the cool season vegetables healthy.

May 25 13 - 0391 Other things that have been done in the garden this week…

I transplanted some extra zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumber that sprouted. Since I have old seed, I plant extra seeds and many times I am pleasantly surprised by getting better germination than planned.

May 25 13 - 0203(cucumbers) May 25 13 - 0272(yellow squash)

Our watermelon finally sprouted! I planted more spaghetti squash in corn box 2 and all of the running beans around the corn are starting to pop out of the mulch! I also planted another section of snaps and lettuce.

Passing it on…

I got an idea from a website about ways for your child to earn money. One was for the child to plant a garden and then sell the produce to you. My 7yo was very excited about the prospect of making money so a week ago, she went through my seeds and I helped her plant a tomato plant, watermelon, running beans, cilantro, and lettuce. Some of her running beans and lettuce just started popping through the mulch! It is so much fun to see her excitement 🙂

May 25 13 - 0282(Here is my daughter’s garden. Top left of the garden, you can see a bean popping through the mulch. That was yesterday. Today SO many more have come through. Exciting!)

One of these days, I’m going to harvest something! You would think! I am thankful we are still getting lettuce and kale from winter plantings. I already miss our spinach and broccoli. Until then, I’ll just keep planting 🙂

I am linking back to Simple Lives Thursday…whenever we start harvesting, we’ll really be living the simple life!


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