May Budget Review

June 1, 2013

May was pretty boring, budget-wise. I guess that is a good thing. We did really well sticking to our budget! The change from $112 to $125/week for groceries was needed, for sure. I did one BIG grocery trip every two weeks and then a small one towards the next pay period, just buying a few things. I went under most weeks and was able to put some of the money into the creation of the chunnel.

We are paying off our debt little by little. I am going to try to work more this next month (I have a work-from-home job where I set my own hours, which have been next to nothing because we have had so much going on lately) so we can pay off our debt bigger by bigger 😉

I also expect to be harvesting from our garden more in June (lettuce, kale, snaps, maybe some blueberries and potatoes) so hopefully more of our grocery money can go to paying off debt.

How are you doing budgeting? How do summertime activities play into your budget?


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