Harvest Monday

June 17, 2013

I think kale season is over. I may try to plant some more in the shaded garden but I finished harvesting the last of the kale in the main garden the other night and threw it right in the juicer (no pic).

I juice it and save the pulp to use later in dishes that call for frozen spinach (for example, tonight we’re having veggie patch pizzas). It has been nice not having to buy kale these past several months. It is only $1.19 but I am unable to get organic because of where I live so harvesting out of the garden has been wonderful 🙂 I will definitely be planting more this fall!

I am continuing to plant and harvest more lettuce and loving it! Again, there is no access to organic at the grocery stores here and we would buy 2 or more heads each week so I’m saving about $4/week. $16/month savings is a lot to us!

We also harvested the first of the blueberries and green beans this week! These are two of our favorites out of the garden. We do not buy these in the grocery store. After having green beans from the garden, I think green beans from the store taste gross. Blueberries from the grocery store are just too expensive. So, we don’t save any money, per se, from growing these foods ourselves but we do in a way because when we have blueberries we will buy less fruit in general from the store and when we have green beans to add to our supper plates, we’ll eat (and buy) fewer other side dishes.

blueberries_DSC1132Another thing we ate out of the garden this week, though not ours, were beets.

_DSC1096Last year, our neighbors offered us beets around this time but we said no thank you. I had never tried them before and had no idea how to cook them. They suggested boiling them but the only vegetable I have ever liked boiled was potatoes on their way to becoming mashed.

_DSC1492However, later that year, I found a recipe for blueberry beet pancakes that sounded good so I decided to accept their generosity this year and give the recipe a try. This year also, my husband is juicing, so first, we made beet juice (which is fought over in our house)! With the pulp and some of the juice, we made blueberry beet pancakes.

beet juice(ingredients for beet juice) beet smiles(mmmmmmm)

YUM! I’ve never found a good way to add vegetables to our breakfasts other than in smoothies so this was a nice way – and so pretty 😀 We may have to plant beets next year! Anyone have a good way to eat the beet greens? We threw them to the chickens but they are not fans…

I am linking to Daphne’s Dandelions for Harvest Monday. Check out what other people across the country are getting out of their gardens this time of year 🙂


2 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. Laura

    We grilled beets with just a little olive oil and sea salt. They were surprisingly good. Previously in my life, I’d only ever been exposed to the pickled or canned variety of beets, YUCK! But after juicing with them, they were definately back on my radar. I have given up on juicing for now because I was making 3 juices for my all day work day and by 11AM the juices were getting iffy and by 3PM they were downright gross. But I had some beet root left over so I googled a recipie for grilling them, (we grill a lot during summer, don’t want to cook in the house). I juiced the greens of the beets with the root as long as they looked good and fresh. I’ve heard you could saute them like mustard greens or kale too, though I haven’t tried them that way.

  2. newbiegardengirl Post author

    a friend told me today that she sautes them. she told me they are more mild than kale. however, because of the heat, i’m getting less kale out of the garden so if they are more mild, i may go ahead & juice them so I won’t have to buy kale at the store! my husband is really firm about what gets grilled – meat only! it’s kinda funny. we rarely eat meat at all but whenever we grill, that’s what’s on it!


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