Harvest Monday

July 22, 2013

Still getting snaps, potatoes (plants are still looking gorgeous), and blueberries from the garden 🙂 Blueberries are finishing up. There are only a few bushes left with blueberries ripening.

harvest22The raspberries officially succumbed to the intense amount of rain we have had this year. I am hoping they will perk back up in the spring and we will be pleasantly surprised. We’ll see.

wilt1 wilt2 wilt3We’re patiently waiting on the cucumbers, corn, cantaloupe, and tomatoes. Our summer has been unusually cool for North Carolina!

roma cantSome exciting news: I have a pepper changing color! I have never had success growing peppers in the past and very little success growing tomatoes. This year, I started peppers in my greenhouses and was very pleased with the results. Still, we only had one pepper.from all of those plants. I figured one was better than none and I see that as a success 🙂

red pepperAs this one started to change colors, however, we noticed many more were starting to form as well! So exciting 🙂

babybellI am always asking for help regarding one thing or another so today’s question is about the chickens: they are 20 weeks today! yay! so, we are expecting eggs any day now. All of a sudden, one or two are getting out of the run. They have not gotten out in months and now, it is a common occurrence.

I know when cats are about to have their kittens, they’ll go off and hide to have them but I didn’t think chickens were that way. I know they want privacy to lay eggs but we have nesting boxes in a dark part of the coop with lots of hay; not to mention the run is almost fully shaded with lots of great spots to lay…I wonder why they are trying to escape all of a sudden.

Anyone been there/done that? Any ideas? I am itching for some eggs!!! Maybe next week, I’ll be able to include some in my ‘Harvest Monday‘ post 🙂 Check out what everyone else is harvesting this week!


3 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. citygirlcountrybloke

    I have no idea why your chickens are escaping but I do love the blog you linked on greenhouses. I think I’m going to try that this winter. What did you learn from that?

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      I learned MANY things: to not put as many seeds in the milk jugs – the plants on the sides don’t have as much room to grow (esp true w/tomatoes & peppers)…I learned to be PATIENT! some seeds sprouted right away and the ones that didn’t i thought were duds. however, i found out later the ones that sprouted right away were cool weather seeds while the ‘duds’ were summer crops like green peppers and tomatoes. you just have to wait & be patient – each seed will sprout when the conditions are perfect 🙂 oh, and this next winter, I will be doing MANY more!!! one more thing – i labeled w/duct tape & sharpie but after a few months, it faded…i’ll have to find something better to label next year

  2. Nancy Davis

    You are doing so well with all your learning experiences! I am glad that you are starting to get peppers and hope your raspberries come back. I guess we have exchanged weather patterns. It has been so hot and dry here. I don’t have chickens so can’t help you there! Nancy.


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