Harvest Monday

August 12, 2013

Where has this week gone? We are still eating off of previous weeks’ harvests of green beans so I haven’t harvested any this week. I picked the last corn (that wasn’t stolen by the raccoons) this week, pulled all of the stalks, and started planting beans in those beds (snaps and peas) to replenish some nitrogen. The chickens enjoy tearing apart the stalks. I also am continuing to harvest more tomatoes as they ripen on the vine.

ripeningI am looking forward to harvesting some yellow squash (late planting – earlier plantings all died) this week and some cantaloupe.


ripecantI think the cucumber vine is just too shaded by the pole beans. I have a second planting…we’ll see if we have warm enough weather to get some more cucumbers from this planting.

One thing we are NOT harvesting is…eggs 😦 We ordered our chicks with a friend (she got 10, we got 20). She is getting approximately 2/day. We are still getting nothing :\ Our chickens are 23 weeks old today. They get plenty of water, plenty of grass & bugs, food (not a ton because we want them to forage but enough…), plenty of room to roam, and are not stressed out. I am getting very impatient. I was not happy when I had to put eggs on the grocery store this week. Maybe next week…

joncleaning(chillin’ in the tractor…rooster cleaning himself)

I planted spinach, lettuce, kale, carrots, peas, and snaps last week. I also ordered more carrots, cabbage, spinach and peas to plant next week. It may be too late to plant some of these but you never know with crazy North Carolina weather. I’ll plant a few and see what happens!

I also took a wet area of the garden (previously covered by plastic & mulch), ripped up the plastic, covered it with vegetable and chicken compost (after cleaning the coop), and covered it back up with mulch. This will be our potato patch in the spring. Paul Gautschi said potatoes like moisture (he plants by a pond) so we think this is our best bet (even though it is shaded until almost noon – still, that’s 6-8hrs in the spring & summer).

Check out what everyone else is harvesting this week at Daphne’s Dandelions!


5 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. Jenny

    Very nice melon, squash and tomatoes pictures. You might need to give your chickens extra food with calcium – they can’t lay eggs if they don’t have enough calcium to form shells and foraging migth not provide enough of it.

  2. Nancy Davis

    I hope your chickens give you eggs soon! You have been really busy preparing for your fall garden while still harvesting and eating what you have! I have lettuce I planted at a couple different times and need to get out and plant a little again! Your yellow squash is looking great and tomatoes look good. Nancy


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