Disease Questions for Fellow Gardeners…

August 15, 2013

I went to strip some bush bean plants yesterday. They were planted in May and have provided steady harvests. When I pulled them, this is what I found:

fungusIt was on nearly all of the plants. This was in a raised bed. I have had problems in the past with my beds growing some type of fungus on the sides (on the boards) but have never seen it on any of the plants. This bed also has MAJOR ant activity. The bean beetles enjoyed all of my bean plants this year but did not affect my harvests. Any suggestions as to what this is?

While we’re on the subject of garden issues, what is this bug?

bugI went to pick some tomatoes yesterday; they were splitting and covered with these bugs. I was too freaked out to take a picture 😛 They have been everywhere lately.

One last garden pest (though I know what this one is)…

young broccoli(Broccoli planted early July)

cabbage worms(plant got big & beautiful and then…this :\ I killed all of the worms – we’ll see if there is enough green left for photosynthesis to help this plant recover…)

I planted some more broccoli, kale, and cabbage yesterday and decided to not take any chances

new plantingsHopefully this will keep all of the cabbage worms away!

Please let me know if you have any insight for me! 🙂

I am linking up to Simple Lives Thursday today for help! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Disease Questions for Fellow Gardeners…

  1. Janet M

    Not sure what the white stuff is, but the black bug is a Leaf-footed bug. http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/orn/leaffooted_bug.htm
    I have them here and they are a plague for me. I wear gloves with plastic palms and fingers, so I just squish them and Mexican bean beetles and squash books, etc. with my fingers. I know it is gross, but easier than trying to get them in a can of soapy water. They also are stinky when squished.

    Sad to see your cabbage worm damage. I haven’t planted my broccoli or cabbage out yet, but was under the impression that the cabbage worms weren’t a problem in the fall. I’ll be disappointed if they are. I really hate to go thru the covering deal again. I did it in the Spring and found it very tedious.

  2. Nancy Davis

    I am so sorry that you have so many things going wrong. Hope you can overcome these soon. I don’t have those things but do have beetles which seem to be almost gone now, covered my cabbage, Coco eats my veggies and we really need some rain! Good luck! Nancy

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      Well, I have a lot of things happening but nothing has ruined a crop so I’m happy for that 🙂 The fungus or whatever it is did not hinder production, the bugs have not affected anything I have seen yet, and the broccoli plant seems to be coming back (I saw two new leaf buds today). I am thankful nothing has been ruined this year (save the zucchini plants) and everything else is a learning experience 🙂


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