Harvest Monday

August 19, 2013

I harvested some bush beans at the beginning of this week after ripping out the plants. I was also able to harvest my first yellow squash! Very exciting after the other three plants I planted rotted (all 5 zucchini plants rotted).

8-14 harvestThese beans from the spent plants were steam-blanched, frozen on a tray, and then put into a freezer bag. I am harvesting Roma tomatoes and a few what I call ‘regular’ tomatoes as they ripen. However, because of our incessant rain this year, they are really starting to split and the ants are trying to get to them before I can. So I am having to bring some in before they ripen on the vine.

maters(‘Regular’ tomato (sorry, I can’t remember the variety), Roma, and two ‘Jellybean’ tomatoes)

I harvested some more pole beans from my daughter’s garden (about $2.50 worth) and squash from my garden later in the week.

beans&squashMore bush beans and tomatoes.

beans & tomatoesDo you notice the tomato that looks different? Two (maybe three?) years ago, Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions asked if anyone wanted some seeds. I said I would so she sent me some Amish Paste tomatoes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, and a couple varieties of lettuce.

I have had issues growing tomatoes in the past and this year, with all of the transplanting, even after everything came up, I was unsure what varieties survived. Apparently, one of her Cherokee Purple tomato plants survived! So excited! Thank you Daphne! All of our tomatoes are splitting from the rain but it looks really pretty on the bottom πŸ™‚

cherokee(husband’s hand, not mine πŸ˜‰ )


I am STILL waiting on our cantaloupes.

ripecantmore lopesI see peas on the horizon!

flowering peasAnd we will finally be eating greens from our garden again soon! It has been three months since we’ve eating spinach, two months since we’ve eaten lettuce from the garden, and one month since we’ve eaten kale from the garden. I am buying some from the store but it just doesn’t taste as good :\

spinach & lettuce(Spinach at the top, Carrots in the middle, Lettuce at the bottom)

I did harvest a handful of baby lettuce leaves but they were not very tasty. I know they will taste better as the temperature cools though so I am still looking forward to tasty lettuce!

first lettuce

And, of course, another harvest I am waiting for is…eggs. I have Orpingtons and Australorps. Both are supposed to be great layers but they also do not start laying until 23-26 (or 28) weeks. Mine are 24 weeks. I am trying to be patient πŸ™‚

I am linking with Daphne’s Dandelions for Harvest Monday. Check out what everyone else is harvesting!


13 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. Dave's SFG

    Nice harvest. The melons sure look promising. I’m having the same problem with tomatoes cracking from rain/drought cycle we keep going through. The Cherokee Purple tomatoes taste great even cracked (which for me they always are).

  2. Nancy Davis

    I am sorry that the rain is splitting your tomatoes. My cherry tomatoes do that but we have not had rain but I have watered. Not sure if that is why or not. Your sugar peas look great! Mine are still just short so I am wondering if I will get any before the frost! Glad you are harvesting some beans and other things. Nancy

  3. benczajkowski

    That melon is making you play the waiting game πŸ™‚ I hope it’s delicious once you finally get to it!

    Sorry about your rotted zukes 😦


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