Harvest Monday

September 16, 2013

This summer, we have been filling the coop with dried grass clippings. I saw a couple of videos of L2Survive‘s about Paul Gautschi’s chicken coop and how he uses wood shavings. He says it takes the smell away and makes an incredibly rich compost. We have a lot of lumber yards in our town so I called one and they said we were more than welcome to come get their wood shavings. Man! The coop smells great now! It’s pretty too 🙂

September 14 13 - 0249Apparently, (at least one of) the chickens like it too because Thursday, at 27.5 weeks, we got our first egg! It was from an Australorp. She gave us another one Friday as well.

egg1It is interesting to see the difference between the first and second egg. My daughter wants to eat them but I am holding off because I just bought 5 dozen at the store :\ and because I like to see how they change. Still only one chicken is laying but it was so exciting – it gives us hope 🙂

September 13 13 - 0195(egg #1 is long, pointed, speckled. egg #2 from same chicken is more rounded and uniform)

So far this chicken has given us an egg each day. I am quite impressed with her. I am looking forward to one day collecting more than one egg a day 🙂

Another exciting harvest was from our second cucumber plant. The first cucumber plant was shaded too much from my daughter’s pole beans. It only produced a couple of cucumbers before it died back. The pole beans were planted back in May, my daughter got her first harvest in July, and they are STILL producing! I was never a fan of pole beans before but I can’t deny how much produce we have gotten in so little space! They have taken over and shaded many crops (cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.). So I replanted a cucumber plant at the beginning of July and got my first cucumber this week 🙂

September 14 13 - 0300Other harvests for the week were exciting as well but were not different from other weeks…a few peas here and there, plenty of beans, tomatoes, and lettuce (harvested every day but only one picture).September 14 13 - 0261

September 10 13 - 0004September 10 13 - 0005I planted some more cabbages, and broccoli this week and I am going to plant some carrots next week.

I realize we are getting to the point where if I continue planting, plants will not reach full maturity before the winter sets in but, if I can keep them alive all winter, they will have a head start in the spring!

In North Carolina, our winters are generally all over the place. It is not odd to have 80 degree days in January or February. Just a couple in a row, mind you, but enough to make the trees blossom (and then later freeze).

When we have warm winter days, I’ll go out into the garden and plant some cool crops. It takes a lot longer to sprout but as soon as spring arrives, they have already gone through the ‘hardening off’ period and they grow really well. We get some early harvests from crops like broccoli, kale, etc. by doing this.

What are you harvesting? Are you planting anything for the fall or is it too late for your region? Head over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see what everyone else is harvesting 🙂


5 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. Patsy

    Your eggs are a great harvest! Everything else looks good too. Good luck with your late plantings. Too late up here for any new plantings (except of course the garlic for next year) and what I did get in last month is a mixed bag.

  2. Nancy Davis

    That is interesting to see the difference in those two eggs. You have a nice harvest and are doing well at keeping things going! I did plant some lettuce and spinach in the cold frame recently. Nancy

  3. Lee Traister

    Congratulations on your first egg! So exciting, I can’t wait for our coop to be ready so we can get chickens. We’ve been working on it for the past two month but with a new baby and a bunch of other things going on we are making a very slow progress. Your post made me decide this week is the Chicken Coop Week. I am just going to get out there everyday and work on it!
    Anyway, this is how I keep my crop through the NC winter: http://www.ladyleeshome.com/preparing-the-garden-bed-for-winter/
    You can’t believe how warm it gets inside the hoop house. I decided to try and keep planting things like lettuce, green onion, cabbage and such all through the winter and see if they germinate and grow. We’ll see.
    Thanks for sharing this!


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