Harvest Monday

December 23, 2013

I harvested another patch of carrots yesterday in what is going to be the sweet potato patch this year. I wanted to clear it out so I could add some chicken manure from the coop – to give it some time to fertilize the patch before I plant the slips in the late Spring. The chickens ate all of my greens this Fall but hiding among the carrots was some baby spinach! I left that & hopefully, when it warms up in the Spring, it will be some of our first greens we have to harvest. 🙂

December 19 13 - 0003 December 21 13 - 0146(again, looks like a bunch of wood shavings but it’s mostly poop)

It has warmed up a few times this Fall and on those days, I have planted lettuce & carrots and covered them. Some of the carrots have sprouted but none of the lettuce has. I really miss my fresh greens!

So, this week, I went ahead and started some greenhouses. I do not have many milk jugs yet so I need to save them for things like tomatoes & peppers but for now, I went ahead and planted some lettuce & kale seeds in them. Because they are cool-weather crops, they will sprout & grow pretty quickly so I can transplant them & reuse the jugs for heat-loving crops. Maybe I’ll get a nice head start on my greens this way 🙂

December 21 13 - 0273I also went ahead and planted cabbage and broccoli in my greenhouses this week. Oh! Speaking of cabbage…I finally used my first cabbage! I have been making my own coleslaw for awhile now. It has always been a goal to use my own cabbage & my own carrots in the future and this week, the future arrived 😀

December 20 13 - 0005I’m sure this may seem silly to some but before my BTE garden, my past attempts at carrot-growing have been dismal…and growing my own cabbage seemed a lofty goal (I thought worm-infestation was inevitable). So my first coleslaw with my own cabbage & carrots was quite the accomplishment! It was SO yummy!

How are your winter gardens? Harvesting anything? Check out what everyone else is harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions!


6 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. crafty_cristy

    I think it is great that you achieved one of your goals–slaw with your own cabbage and carrots. I make goals like that for myself. For 3 years I have had the goal of dilly green beans. No luck yet, but it’s on the list for next year, too. 🙂

    Congrats on achieving one of yours.

  2. karrie jablonowski

    Nice Carrots!! Also, The milk jugs! I had never thought of using them for greenhouses! I will need to use that idea when we get back to the mainland! I have used them for other plants and such back in kentucky but haven’t used them as of yet here because we have a recycling center close by that takes all plastic containers labeled 1 and 2 and pays you by weight. They take all glass, and even cans from canned goods. I’ve never been a huge recycle person unless i was re-using the items myself..But if someone is going to pay me to take it off my hands then I’m IN! lol


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