In the Garden…

January 13, 2014

What did you do this week in the garden? These past two weeks, it has rained, then we’ll have freezing temps with no precipitation, then some more days of rain, etc. This means switching from mud to frozen mud back to mud. No snow, no fun 😦 Just cold and muddy πŸ˜›

I picked as many turnip greens from my neighbor’s garden as I could and gave them to the chickens…that is…the days we were able to get outside. The chickens love any sort of green so it is totally worth it to get out there when I can.

As far as my January TO DO list, I was able to make lots of greenhouses πŸ˜€ We have friends with four teenagers who drink LOTS of milk so they are supplying us with 10 or so milk jugs a week. I am LOVING it!

One day it was above freezing (and raining, of course) so my 3yo and I went outside & filled all of the greenhouses with soil. When we were done, he exclaimed, “It’s not raining! We can play outside now!” πŸ™‚ That did not happen. However, I was able to go ahead and plant about 20 or so greenhouses with celery seeds (about 100 of them). The next day, right before a bunch of tornado warnings in the area, I planted about 10 more greenhouses with onion seeds.

There was ONE day in the new year in which is was above freezing and not raining! We stayed outside the whole day that day! I picked our second to last patch of carrots (under a cover so the ground was not completely frozen). I am thankful we are still eating carrots out of our garden but with only one section left, I know we will have a lull without any carrots early this spring 😦 I need to remember to plant MORE!!!

January 09 13 - 0011 January 09 13 - 0013(one was a pretty good length & width) January 09 13 - 0014(one was itty bitty) January 09 13 - 0015(some obviously hit some rocks along the growing route πŸ˜‰ ) January 09 13 - 0016(and one was eaten partially by a bunny – I think our cat is still doing a good job πŸ™‚ )

I hear everyone in the US (save the west) is going through this cold snap. I hope you all with children are not going as stir-crazy as we are! Are you able to harvest anything? Head over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see what other people are getting done in their winter gardens πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “In the Garden…

  1. Nancy Davis

    We are one of the ones experiencing the bitter cold and snow. It was in the 40’s today but suppose to get snow tomorrow night. Lucky you to still have carrots okay in the ground. I have some left in the refrig crisper drawer which are keeping well. I don’t have small children but can still get cabin fever from being in the house too much! Will be glad to get back outside! Have you done the the little cold frames before? I went to a garden meeting and the speaker told about planting in those but we can’t do it till Jan. or Feb. Need to look that up! Nancy

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      I did the milk jug greenhouses last year. I did lettuce & kale, which can be directly sown in the garden but it gave them a good jumpstart…I did bell peppers & tomatoes (peppers especially did beautifully)…I did some melons & cucumbers — they did okay. It is not a lot of work & pays off wonderfully for the most part πŸ™‚ way better than spending $$ on lights & heating mats, imo!


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