May 28, 2014

_DSF9171-Edit(the goal is to see how the look of the garden changes as the gardening season progresses…we’ll see if the shot is close enough to be able to see a difference….)DSC_4212-Edit(1)L to R, front to back:

  • potato patch, blueberry bushes
  • sweet potato patch, beans, beets, onions, strawberry patch with lettuce and spinach
  • tomato and pepper patch, (tree), 3 sister’s garden (corn, beans, squash), sunflowers, sweet potato slips, kale, carrots, beans, daughter’s tomatoes, onions
  • far right – hedge-looking greenery is peas, then in overflow garden (btwn apple trees) … lettuce, carrots, kale, beets, spinach, sunflowers, spaghetti squash, beans, flowers, volunteer tomatoes, cantaloupe…

Because of the heat wave we had a couple of weeks ago and the lack of rain, we have been watering once a week. Normally, with a Back to Eden garden, you would not need to do this. However, with newly planted/sprouted plants, I wanted to go ahead and cover our bases.

The weeds loved that :\ but so did the plants! Check out our…

  • Corn_DSC9579(Three sister’s patch (corn, running beans, various squash) and cool crops on the east next to a tree for afternoon shade) _DSC9595(Good representation of the Three Sister’s Garden: Corn in the middle, surrounded by running beans to climb, and on the edges of the garden, squash to vine along the ground)
  • LettuceThe Nieto Family - May 16 14 - 0127
  • Beets_DSC9609
  • Spinach
  • Kale_DSC9613(Carrots in front looking great! Kale halfway picked over. Black beans are starting to climb!) _DSC9587(Even the cabbage is looking good so far! 🙂 )
  • Potatoes_DSC9548(Red Potatoes starting to flower. Others starting to bud.)


As I was weeding one day, I found about 10 volunteer tomatoes in the corn patch/old tomato patch! Tomatoes are not good companions for corn so I needed to transplant those. All of the tidy places in the garden are planted up but we have an area between two apple trees that has been covered with mulch for a year and with horse manure for about four months so I am using that area as an ‘overflow’ area.

It is not tidy but I am thankful for the extra space. I transplanted the five largest transplants this week and planted some cantaloupe seeds (they did not come up in an earlier planting…brand new seeds…wonder why…).

_DSF9022-Edit-2(5 volunteer tomato plants, my daughter’s tomato plant, and marigolds that need thinning in the bottom-right of the photo)

I also planted more lettuce, carrots, kale, cucumbers, zucchini, bush beans and the last of the spaghetti squash in the ‘overflow’ area of the garden. Trying to keep up with succession planting! 🙂 I find it keeps me from being too overwhelmed when it comes to planting and especially when it comes to harvesting.

At the same time, we are eating fresh produce all season long and I do not have to preserve as much. That saves time and energy (mine and my stove/freezer).

One other thing about succession planting — if the plant(s) does not do well because of bugs or whatever, the whole season is not lost because I have another one (planted two weeks later) coming up right after it 🙂


I have one raised bed in the garden that does not do well with sprouting seeds. Last year, I planted corn in it and barely anything came up. I transplanted extra corn into the box later and it did fine though. This year, I planted the box with cantaloupe, watermelon, and red sunflower seeds and only one sunflower seed sprouted. I planted another box with yellow sunflower seeds and had some sunflowers that were too close together so this week, I transplanted yellow sunflowers into the red sunflower box. They looked drooped over and sun-scalded at first but they seem to be bouncing back 🙂

_DSF9070(Raised bed with yellow sunflowers…sweet potato slips in background) _DSF9050 (Raised bed where only one sunflower seed sprouted (bottom-center). Droopy (but alive!) transplanted sunflowers.)

Do you succession plant? Or would you prefer to plant all at once, harvest all at once, preserve all at once? What do you do with volunteer plants?


2 thoughts on “End of May Garden Update

  1. newbiegardengirl Post author

    thx. we try to expand every year. the goal is to feed our family without going to the grocery store one day but that is WAY harder than it would seem to be! idk how people used to do it!


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