Calling All Sweet Potato Growers!!! Indulge Me One More Time…

June 26, 2014

One last conundrum I need some help on:

To get caught up on all things ‘sweet potato experiment’, check out this post

Baby woke me up at 4:30am Saturday morning so I decided (as soon as the sun came up) to go ahead and plant the rest of the sweet potato slips before it got too hot and before the rest of the kids woke up.

I lifted all of the slips out of the ‘slip-growing bed’ and planted them in the patch where we ripped out the peas earlier this month.DSC_4561

Here is what was left.DSC_4565

On to the conundrum…

  1. I don’t know exactly how many sweet potatoes I laid in the box to grow slips. I think it was 6 or 7 maybe. It was NOT 14 (how many I pulled out)! (I actually pulled another one as I was planting some broccoli seeds in there the next day so 15 sweet potatoes — and I didn’t dig around so there may be more!)
  2. And check out those sweet potatoes on the right. They are rotted like seed potatoes are after growing a plant but the rest (those on the left) are not.DSC_4566
  3. I did NOT plant only 3 (those rotted) and did not plant as many as 15…so what happened?

I planted the sweet potatoes at the end of April. It is now the end of June. Surely those sweet potatoes did not grow in the course of two months?! They are small but…

Opinions? Experience?

If sweet potatoes planted in the ground can not only grow slips but those slips can grow other sweet potatoes…what is the point of ripping off the slips? Seems like extra work to me. Maybe another experiment for next year?…

I will try to remember to make better notes next year (how many sweet potatoes EXACTLY I bury in the ground to grow slips) but until then, I would REALLY like some insight from others.

Thank you in advance! 🙂

I am linking up to Green Thumb Thursday…hoping someone can help me out!


4 thoughts on “Calling All Sweet Potato Growers!!! Indulge Me One More Time…

  1. daphnegould

    I’ve heard of people not planting slips but putting in sweet potatoes just like you would a regular potato. I think most don’t want to do that because you need so many sweet potatoes to plant out then. It would be a bit wasteful. One sweet potato usually makes a lot of plants. Though I could see you just letting your slip producing potatoes stay in the ground once you finish taking off all the slips you need. No reason to rip them up. Personally I grow my slips on the windowsill, but I don’t have a cold frame and I like the look of them growing there in the colder months.

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  3. marysveggiegarden

    I put my mother SPs in small pots so there is no room for another SP to grow and it is not warm enough here to produce slips outside in time for summer.
    Occasionally one of the slip producers rots, but usually I serve them for supper after I stop taking slips. Most varieties keep their sweetness through slip production but a few don’t.


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