Harvest Monday

July 7, 2014

A typical daily harvest looked something like this:DSC_4663(more strawberries, 8 quarts/day blueberries, and 1 cucumber)

My girls were excited to get paid for some of their harvests this week…Grandparents were excited for the fresh produce. 🙂

_DSC5998(they finished ripening on the counter and were yummy!) DSC_4666(See the ones that are snapped in half? That is from the same row of carrots…the carrots were able to grow long and fat through the soil but they were impossible to pull! I only got that much from digging around them for quite awhile)

We also harvested some potatoes this week._DSC6093 DSC_4656(steamed, with a little salt & pepper added after) DSC_4662(On my son’s plate — From the garden: potatoes, beans, lettuce, tomato…with sloppy joes made with various beans on homemade (home-ground flour) whole wheat bread)

We used the beet greens we harvested last week in our juice this week. DSC_4654(beet greens (pink), kale, celery, cucumber (green), apple (yellow) — so pretty 🙂 )

I’m pretty sure we’ll add bell pepper to our harvest list next week! What are you harvesting? Check out what gardeners around the world are harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions 🙂


6 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. daphnegould

    Wonderful harvests. It looks like you need a garden fork to harvest your carrots. My soil is sandy enough that mostly they come out when pulled, so I’m lucky there. But at my last house it was clay and pulling carrots was hard.

  2. Dave

    I hate it when the carrots break off like that! But it looks like they are nice and big.Great looking berries.

  3. Nancy Davis

    How wonderful that your girls are getting paid for some of their harvest! They will become wonderful little gardeners. Nice variety of harvest and eats! Nancy


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