Harvest Monday

August 25, 2014

Our Harvests for the week:


Nieto Family - August 21 14 - 0009Our first few vines are spent but because of succession planting, we are still harvesting cucumbers!

Beans Nieto Family - August 20 14 - 0001Because we have been getting so many beans from our neighbors, I have been forgetting to pick ours. These are MUCH healthier-looking (less bug bites) than the rest we have been growing this year. The question is, why?

  • They are planted later in the season
  • They are planted in the strawberry patch (in not very good soil)
  • They are planted further away from where the rest of the beans are planted.

Which of these factors affected the beans? I have a feeling it was the last but I have more plants that were planted after these so we’ll see if that has anything to do with it.

Marigolds Nieto Family - August 20 14 - 0002The kids just about filled up a 5 gallon bucket with marigolds this week. I dried them to give to the chickens this winter. The marigold bushes are still bursting with flowers!

Potatoes DSC_5282I have been digging up potatoes as needed but the last time I dug some up, I noticed they were starting to rot. We have had a ton of rain this summer. I decided to go ahead and dig the rest of them up and store them in the basement.

I missed some potatoes last year while I was digging so we had some more potato plants sprout up at the end of the season. After the first frost killed the plants, I replanted those potatoes in our new potato patch. This is what Paul Gautschi does (replants the same day he harvests) so I thought I would give it a try.

It did NOT go well. Gardening the Back to Eden way, I have never had to hill my potatoes. However, after a year of those potatoes sitting under the mulch, and the mulch breaking down all that time, I had a few reach the surface and turn green. This does not happen when I plant in the spring.

About half of the ones planted last fall were oddly-shaped.DSC_5283(This is what those planted this spring looked like for shape-comparison) DSC_5284The other half planted last fall were rotted. DSC_5285There were quite a few I could not salvage. DSC_5286Ah well…as long as I’m learning, I don’t count it as a failure 🙂


We picked our first raspberry this week!!! We were gifted raspberry plants, Christmas of 2012. They all looked great last summer but we had such a cool, wet summer, they all seemed to get some type of fungus and die. We were so excited that a few survived but we did not get any berries this spring.

I was excited when I saw they were loaded with potential berries this summer and this week, we were able to start picking!!!Nieto Family - August 19 14 - 0003Our everbearing strawberries are also starting to produce again. I am expanding one of the patches to plant some runners this fall.Nieto Family - August 22 14 - 0127There was a LOT more going on at the homestead this week but I’ll save all of that news for a later post. Check out what other gardeners are harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions.


11 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. shaheen

    Lovely harvest, but I am mostly admiring your marigolds, I only harvested a small handful that I have dried in the window sill. I tend to use them to garnish salads.

  2. daphnegould

    It really is a learning process isn’t it. Every year I try new things. Sometimes they work out wonderfully. Sometimes they are dismal failures.

  3. dvelten

    Nice cucumbers. I don’t have a long enough season to replant, but I should keep a seed packet handy to replant when wilt strikes. Too bad about the bug damage on the beans. Two years ago we had green stink bugs which like to pierce the pods to feed on the developing seeds. Fortunately none in the last few years, so maybe our horrid winters killed them off.

  4. Margaret

    Those potatoes that did make it look so good! As do the berries – lucky you! I’m supposed to have an everbearing variety which I planted last year but I haven’t seen any sign of a 2nd flush of berries yet.

  5. Thomas

    Nice harvest! I never had the chance to grow potatoes this year because of the limited space in our new garden. I can wait until next year. Homegrown potatoes are definitely a treat.

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