Harvest Monday

September 22, 2014

This week, I planted more carrots, onions, and lettuce and spent a large chunk of the week weeding where some bermuda grass is creeping through. I am noticing a big ant problem in our garden and it seems they are stealing quite a bit of my seeds. What to do about that…

Harvests this week included…raspberries, carrots, tomatoes, and peppers. Oh, we’re also getting about 1-2 eggs/day.DSC_5486Most of the white spots/sunscald spots are gone. DSC_5488

We harvested about this much 3x this week but only managed to take one picture. Between these raspberries and the watermelon harvested earlier this month, our fruit bill is looking good šŸ™‚

The only tiny patch of carrots that has managed to come up for me this summer was harvested this week. I was having camera issues mid-week. I apologize. Seeing how this was my only patch that grew (out of the 20 or so I planted), I am posting the picture anyway. What is up with my seeds not sprouting!?!DSC_5483

The tomatoes are slowing way down on production but the peppers are picking up! I thought we had bad pepper plants but it turns out, I think, it’s just that peppers give their flush of fruit later than tomatoes.DSC_5489

On my list of TO DOs this week:

  • Make marinara (ran out of the batch made a month ago)
  • Make bread
  • Make wipes
  • Cook & freeze pinto beans, black beans, and chickpeas (why do we have to run out of everything all at once?)
  • Potty train the 2yo šŸ˜›

Who wants to help…with any of those…? šŸ˜‰

Check out what others are harvesting this week at Daphne’s Dandelions!


5 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. dvelten

    I have the same problem with carrots. Can’t get them to germinate reliably. And my peppers are doing the same thing, some are now loaded with fruit and I’m hoping they size up or ripen before we get our first killing frost. Some peppers just need a long growing season.

  2. Margaret

    Great pepper harvest. I had the same issue with carrots last year which I wrote about back in May: http://homegrown-adventuresinmygarden.blogspot.ca/2014/05/sowing-more-spinach-my-carrot-saga.html. Not sure if it would be the same issue for you but for me, the likely cause was slugs. The buggers were so quick that had I not noticed the seedlings when they were just emerging from the ground, I would have sworn that they didn’t germinate at all.

    And I’ll help with the beans. But potty training…ummm…no. Twice was more than enough šŸ˜‰

  3. daphnegould

    Nope not me. I’ve been really busy too, though I don’t have the 2 yo. I need to make two batches of my husband’s burritos soon. I just finished a batch of his mushroom sauce.

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