Expansion Woes and Spring Plans

October 9, 2014

When we expanded the garden this summer, it was insanely hot and I still had a newborn that ate every 2hrs or so. Admittedly, I was not very diligent to make sure the cardboard covered all bare spots.

Where the garden edge and the grass came together, bermuda grass started coming through…with VENGEANCE! DSC_5598I tried numerous things but eventually, I had to move all of the mulch aside, cover again with cardboard (and newspaper, for good measure) and recover with more mulch. DSC_5597This is the area dug up, before it was covered with cardboard, etc.

Hopefully, that will take care of that pesky bermuda grass.

Plans for Spring

If you know me, you know aesthetics are just about as low on my priority list as anything can be. However, my girls love flowers so this year, I decided to order some perennial bulbs. Now to figure out where to plant them.

I thought they would look nice as a border to the garden. I also thought they would look nice bordering our brick walkway. I have to plant them when the daily temps are in the 60s. Right now, most days are still in the 70s/80s. While waiting, I prepped the edges of the brick path with newspaper and mulch.DSC_5569The next step is to weed the brick path. It got REALLY bad this summer. I have a feeling it will be an all-winter chore. You can see in the picture above the small section I have gotten done. The other winter chore is to expand the path (with mulch) to the driveway. We had a nice path but when we got a HUGE storm this spring, it washed away all of the mulch onto the brick, which helped the weeds tremendously.

This is what I ordered. That’s 244 bulbs. Who wants to come help me plant in a few weeks?

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4 thoughts on “Expansion Woes and Spring Plans

  1. daphnegould

    Lovely choices. I like spring flowers a lot, and have them scattered around the yard. None in the veggie garden though.

  2. Margaret

    Looks like you have ordered some beautiful flowers – it will be so exciting for you and your children to see them all popping up in the spring! I haven’t gotten around to a ton of stuff that had to be done in the garden this year either so I’ve resigned myself to doing what I can now and then the rest will have to wait for the next year.

  3. Merry Hearts Medicine

    OH, bermuda! The ever-present foe of a southern gardener! I have seen bermuda work its way up from the ground and pop out the top of 5-6 foot tall round hay bales. So maybe, I don’t know, 20 feet of mulch might do the trick if you’re using straw to block it? ha ha

    My BTE garden is much smaller than yours. I had an old pile of extra vinyl siding and actually buried it all the way around my garden to block the bermuda. That grass is way too happy in the BTE mulch. Seems like it can grow two feet per day in that stuff!

    Do you also have to deal with nutgrass (nutsedge)? I’ve had it break through 2 layers of cardboard and 6 inches of wood chip mulch to pop up in my garden. It spreads through an underground network, and I have trouble keeping it out of my strawberries.

    Happy gardening!

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