Garden in November, Eastern NC, Zone 7b

November 6, 2014

Here is what the garden looks like at the beginning of November and how it has changed in a month:

Garden at the beginning of October:

DSC_5590-Edit-2Garden at the beginning of November:DSC_5968-EditGarden after first frost (after sweet potatoes were harvested) DSC_6008-Edit

At the bottom of the photo, we have our celery patch πŸ™‚ DSC_5864We have been growing celery in our homeDSC_5822And transplanting them into our garden. You can tell a difference between those that have just been planted: DSC_5866And ones that have been out in nature longer. DSC_5865Look how nice and dark! We have been harvesting a little at a time. We’re still trying to figure it out πŸ™‚

The rest of the pictures are taken from the driveway (still working from bottom of photo to top (east to west) of the photo)…

The tomato/pepper patch has joined the potato patch in resting for the winter. All I need to do is cover it with more manure.

DSC_5930Walking up the driveway, you can see the pea patch continues to do well. Notice the sweet potato patches before the first frost. The covered raised bed has kale, broccoli, and lettuce in it. DSC_5929Same view, post sweet potato harvest:DSC_5998This last section has

  1. strawberry patches in front of the blueberry bushes that will be covered lightly with mulch for the winter
  2. the last sweet potato patch, pre-first frost
  3. many places that have been cleaned up but still need to be covered with manure for the winter
  4. and the chicken tractor that has kale, broccoli, and cabbages in itΒ  DSC_5927Same view, post sweet potato harvest.DSC_6000Here are some pictures of what is in the chicken tractor: a few broccoli plants, kale, and cabbages. The kale used to be huge but we have been harvesting from it almost daily. The cabbages in the top right of the photo that are itty bitty were actually the largest transplanted but the cabbage moths somehow got under the cover & decimated them. They are starting to bounce back.DSC_6002Some of the cabbages are starting to head. maybe some early cabbages in the srping? DSC_6003

I think that’s everything. We are still harvesting peas and kale. I hope to harvest carrots and a few beets throughout the winter.

As always, I wish there was more and I will work towards that in the years to come but I am thankful for what we have! Covering really is the ‘trick’ to brassicas. Last year, we were able to grow one cabbage. The year before, we were able to grow two broccoli plants during a mild winter. My kale has never done so well.

How are your gardens looking at the beginning of November? Are you bedding down or trying to grow throughout the winter…or both?

I am linking up with Simple Lives Thursday to see how everyone else is living simply πŸ™‚


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