Harvest Monday

December 22, 2014

I harvested some wild onions and lettuce this week.DSC_6605The kids cracked the last of the pecans. They went ahead and planted a few so we can have our own pecans next year 😉

We don’t have a nut cracker. They go at it the old fashioned way — rocks! The two year old enjoys the activity as much as he enjoys the nuts. The chickens love cleaning up after him 🙂DSC_6606 This is the 4yo’s bowl. As they get older, their nut-cracking skills improve. We’re working on real life skills over here 😉 DSC_6607As I was getting some sweet potatoes out of the pantry this week, I noticed some starting to sprout.DSC_6601 They have been in the pantry to cure. This week, I took them all out, resorted them, individually wrapped them, and put them in the unheated, dry basement.

The box with the unwrapped sweet potatoes went back into the pantry to be used first.

DSC_6603To give you an idea of the size of these: DSC_6604That left me with four boxes of individually wrapped sweet potatoes in the basement. I have them labeled for which I want to use first, second, third, and last (the milk crate). I am hoping these will last us until the first harvest of garden potatoes, in June.


The chickens are down to about five eggs a day. However, now that we are over the ‘light hump’, I am hoping production will steadily increase 🙂DSC_6216One thing I always forget to take a picture of is the way we use all of our berries. We eat our blueberries throughout the winter in our oatmeal, cereal, and as a raw jam (blueberries & flaxseed chopped in the food processor). We eat our strawberries as raw jam also.

I just finished ordering all of my seeds for next year. I am excited to grow more of our food each year! Are you harvesting from the garden and eating from your stores? Head over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see what other gardeners are up to this Harvest Monday.


2 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. daphnegould

    I bet it is a lot of fun for a kid to break into the nuts. I used to like to crack nuts as a kid, but then we had a nut cracker. It is probably more fun with rocks.


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