Harvest Monday

February 9, 2015

Not even half way through February and we have just about tied with our January egg harvest! Exciting! No more buying grocery store eggs. Yuck.

Since I finished pruning the blueberry bushes, it is time to move on to the fruit trees.

Here is our biggest apple tree, right before it started losing leaves.DSC_6006And here it is after being pruned. Nieto Photography 2015I think I pruned too much but it’s done now. Trees tend to be pretty forgiving. I cut away all of the crossing branches and any branches that would be shaded. I made sure a cat could be dropped through (Japanese method) so there will be plenty of circulation.

We still need to re-stake it. If I cut too much, it will spend the year recovering. If I did a good job, maybe we’ll get fruit this year! It certainly grew a ton after covering it with mulch and horse manure last winter. Only time will tell.

I also FINALLY got my cherry trees and fig trees!!! I was so excited when the FedEx guy showed up. I was supposed to get these early/mid January. I know Starks Nursery has a wonderful reputation but I chose to go with a Nursery closer to me, thinking their trees would be better suited for our climate. I was not impressed by how slowly they delivered these but they are a small nursery…I’ll tell you which nursery it is when I decide if it was a good decision or not 😉

I decided to plant the orchard-ready cherry tree in the chicken run (because of the success of other trees in the run) and another beside the chicken run (we are planning on expanding the run to include this space). I am hoping the chickens will deposit their ‘growing gold’ onto the trees 🙂

Orchard-ready tree:Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015

Other Cherry Tree:**-Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015The fig trees were planted in front of our mulch mounds. The mounds are on the northern side of our property so hopefully they will protect the fig trees from the winter winds and keep them healthy.

Fig Tree/stick #1:Nieto Photography 2015Fig Tree #2: Nieto Photography 2015Their Northern Wind Break: Nieto Photography 2015

I wanted to order more fruit trees because we spend most of our grocery bill each week on fruit. I wanted to order trees of fruit we eat the most…however, I think our best bet (at least for now) is to go with trees that do well in our area. The fruit that does the best in our area are cherry & fig trees, blueberries and strawberries. I hope to get fruit from our apple, peach, and pear trees one day but I think these trees will produce faster because they are suited for our climate. We will just learn to like these fruits!

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5 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. daphnegould

    I don’t think my apple tree needs a lot of pruning this year. Well I have more than one, but two are espaliered and they only get pruned as they grow. Never in the winter. And the other just doesn’t want to grow. It wants to stay at 4′ tall. I know I wanted a dwarf tree, but that meant 8-10′ not 4′. I might never get fruit from it.

  2. Margaret

    I’m hoping to get some fruit trees planted this year as well. We love apples around here and it’s going to be tough waiting those 3 or 4 years for that first delicious fruit.

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