Garden in April, Eastern NC, Zone 7b

April 2, 2015

Beginning of MarchNieto Photography 2015Beginning of AprilDSC_7737-EditRight off hand, you can see the loss of snow. Other than that, it does not look very different. Oh, but it is!


55lbs of potatoes were planted.DSC_7744 (10 more lbs arrived this week and were planted).

Peas, spinach, beets, and carrots have been planted 3x (every 2 weeks) in March. The first and second plantings are starting to show! Lettuce and cilantro have been planted twice and the first plantings are starting to sprout as well. Unfortunately, we had one night dip down to 24 degrees and we lost our beet sprouts from the first planting. 😦 DSC_7754(1)(Spinach planted beginning of March)DSC_7756(1)(Peas planted beginning of March) DSC_7757(1)(Peas planted mid-March – just starting to pop through)

All of the greenhouses have been planted. The cool-weather crops have sprouted and are enjoying the sunshine on nice days. DSC_7723 What is that, you say? DSC_7724Why, it’s CELERY!!!!! That’s right! I’ve been trying to grow celery for the past year and have never had success. Those are celery sprouts, my friend. Can you tell how excited I am?! πŸ˜€ DSC_7727 DSC_7728Some of the warm-weather crops sprouted as well. Earlier this week, we got down to 24 degrees one night. I covered the greenhouses with a sheet but the warm-weather crops were gonners. I replanted them this week. DSC_7725They’ll be a little behind but what are you going to do? The cool-weather crops (namely the cabbage and broccoli) were frost-bitten as well. I pray they bounce back! What do you think?DSC_7726(broccoli) DSC_7729(cabbage)


The pear trees are blooming.DSC_7750As is the other peach tree. DSC_7751 We have 3 apple trees. One was attacked by tent caterpillars 3 years ago and it is just starting to recover. One got some type of rust disease last year and I think it may be dead 😦 It is in the foreground of the picture below. DSC_7752The other is blooming. It is incredibly healthy πŸ™‚ However, it does not have any other tree toΒ  cross-polinate with 😦 We will definitely be buying another apple tree this fall/winter! DSC_7753I am so sad these apple blossoms will not turn into fruit 😦

Strawberry plants are still popping through.DSC_7745Raspberries are coming back to life (plant below was one I transplanted this fall).DSC_7747(1)I missed some sprouts when transplanting. There are still a handful outside of our raspberry line. I am just going to let them be and I will move them this fall. DSC_7749(1)Blueberry bushes have not yet bloomed. Frankly, I’m glad. When they bloom early, I am a basket case until we get past the last frost date!


Most of the bulbs have bloomed. I have decided to leave them where they are and just order more this fall to spread throughout the garden πŸ™‚ I have become a flower-lover (if you know me at all, I know how surprised you are)!DSC_7758 DSC_7759 DSC_7760(1)Lastly, in garden news, we are continuing with our garden expansion (always).DSC_7742CHICKENS

Egg Harvests:

  • 61 eggs in January
  • 220 in February
  • 286 in March (plus 11 under a broody hen)

Last year at this time we were swimming in eggs. We couldn’t get rid of them fast enough! Not so this year.

The first year, chickens lay small eggs, very frequently. Last year, we had 19, 1yo chickens and we were getting about 18 eggs/day. This year, we have 16, 2yo chickens and we are getting about 10 eggs/day. The eggs are bigger, but the chickens are laying less frequently.

Our chicks are two weeks old and they are flying all over the place in their box. I keep waiting for the weather to warm up enough to let them explore πŸ™‚DSC_7761 DSC_7762This is my husband’s sense of humor. I know I’m not alone. DSC_7779Some of our hens have gone broody. I am not expecting much, as our roosters are so young and inexperienced but maybe we’ll get a chick or two out of all the moodiness.

How are your gardens doing? Everyone around me I have talked to has not been able to start planting yet because it has been too wet to till. We have been SOOOO blessed by the BTE method of gardening! If you have not watched the film, go do it now! πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Garden in April, Eastern NC, Zone 7b

  1. daphnegould

    Do you know anyone with a crabapple tree blooming that would give you a small spray of flowers? You could put it in water under your apple tree to get them pollinated.

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      a small spray of flowers? jus t a small bunch of flowers? my neighbor does (1/4 of a mile away). he sprays his trees… do i still want his flowers? (everyone i know sprays). thx 4 the tip! i’m going to ask around.

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