Harvest Monday

April 6, 2015

Going steady at 11 eggs/day from our 16 hens. Broody is still sitting. The chicks were moved. They had been jumping out and making a mess. After two weeks, I’m done having them in my kitchen! They seem to like their new home 🙂Nieto Photography 2015


Raspberry plants continue to spread. No one seems to want my extras so I am planning on creating a new bed this week.

Strawberry plants are coming through strong!Nieto Photography 2015

I took Daphne’s advice and asked a neighbor if I could ‘borrow’ some of his apple blossoms so my apple tree might produce apples. Only problem…his apple tree is not blossoming yet. Talk about micro-climates! Whenever they do blossom, he says I am more than welcome to them though so we’ll see.

Big news: the newly-planted cherry trees are sprouting leaves!!! The figs are quiet but I was excited to see life from some of the newly-planted trees 🙂Nieto Photography 2015The blueberry bushes are also leafing out.


Peas planted March 16th are doing well.Nieto Photography 2015 In between rows of peas, I am planning on transplanting cabbages. I have also direct-sowed some cabbages for experiment/comparison purposes.Nieto Photography 2015The lettuce planted mid-March are sprouting.Nieto Photography 2015Carrots planted at the beginning of March are starting to get their true leaves.

Nieto Photography 2015We are growing celery from stumps again. I planted out four this week in the hoop house. I am going to grow tomatoes on the outside and let them climb. Inside the hoop house, I hope I can keep celery shaded enough to do well.Nieto Photography 2015Flowers

More daffodils bloomed this week. 🙂Nieto Photography 2015We are continuing to expand, little by little (dark part is what we did this week).Nieto Photography 2015Lastly, we finally were able to burn all of our prunings from the winter this week. I am going to spread this beautiful wood ash over the garden this week in order to add more minerals to the soil.Nieto Photography 2015Are you actually harvesting anything? I am jealous! One of these days… See what others are harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions today.


1 thought on “Harvest Monday

  1. daphnegould

    Too bad about the bloom times being so much different. We have so many apple trees around here I don’t think any apples wouldn’t get pollinated. And it looks like your little seedlings are coming up well. I might get out today and plant my first seeds in the ground.


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