Harvest Monday

April 13, 2015


About a dozen eggs a day. Other harvests are looming!!!

Kale is bolting.Nieto Photography 2015

Spinach is growing. Nieto Photography 2015

TO DO list that got TA-DUN:

  • Finished ripping up tarp/weed cloth in the raspberry bed
  • Finished planting the kiwi plants
  • Moved a blackberry cane we planted in the wrong place 8 years ago 😉
  • Weeded (still need to cover with more mulch! It decomposes quickly!)Nieto Photography 2015Raspberry bed: done Nieto Photography 2015Second kiwi plant planted (8yo on the roof, tying something on to trellis the kiwi plant on the front of the coop). Third kiwi plant was planted next to the swing set (pics to come).Nieto Photography 2015Male kiwi plant, climbing its trellis.

Other happenings around the homestead:

The princess tulips are blooming this week. Still waiting on the Fritillaria Tulips and the Moly Alliums.Nieto Photography 2015 Getting ready to open up! Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015And they close like this each evening 🙂 Nieto Photography 2015Last of the daffodils, hanging on…

The strawberries are still coming up and some are starting to put out flowers (pics to come)! We have some fire ants in the bed. I’ve tried DE and stirring them. Lastly, I tried boiling water. I still see some but not as many as before so we’ll see.

The blueberries are flowering and the bees are LOVING it!Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015

Last week we moved the chicks out into the coop. This week we decided to let them experience the ‘real world’ a little bit. Broody still has one more week and 8 eggs left (one was kicked out and two were eaten).Nieto Photography 2015(new digs during the day)

TO DO list for this week:

Even though our last frost date is April 20th, we have not had temps in the 30s since Easter morning and the 10 day forecast says I’m clear sooooo, I am planning on planting out my cool weather crops from my greenhouses today. It is supposed to rain quite a bit this week so that will help them get over transplant shock. They look like they’re ready to rock!Nieto Photography 2015(cabbage) Nieto Photography 2015(broccoli) Nieto Photography 2015(some lettuce rebounded! wilted after frost; heavy rain the next 2 days really brought some back!) Nieto Photography 2015(some red lettuce rebounded as well) Nieto Photography 2015(most of my celery died…not sure if it was from cold temps or because it got too hot in the greenhouses? I never opened these up. I am now though, and coddling these last few sprouts!)

If I have time, I may also do another direct-sow planting of cool weather crops and maybe even some warm-weather crops, for good measure.Nieto Photography 2015(carrots, sowed beginning of March) Nieto Photography 2015(lettuce, sowed mid-March) Nieto Photography 2015(cilantro, sowed mid-March) Nieto Photography 2015(cabbage, sowed mid-March)

What’s going on in your garden? Check out what other gardeners are up to at Daphne’s Dandelions.


1 thought on “Harvest Monday

  1. daphnegould

    I have to laugh because after our very very cold and long winter we might have had our last frost too. Though we can have frosts all the way to May. Usually the last one is earlier. Last year was April 17th. If would be funny if the beds weren’t even unfrozen on our last frost date this year.


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