9yo’s Garden Update

July 16, 2015

My tomatoes are a funny shape but they are still green. I saw some of Mamma’s tomatoes were turning yellow! I can’t wait until they are ripe! Yum!

I think my peas are about done for the year. There are less peas when I checked on them June 16. The bottom of my pea plants are turning yellow so that means they are dying.

My cucumber plants have expanded a lot over the last few days. They look like squash plants to me. They have big flowers. One of my baby cucumbers grew really, really fast. Mamma says it looks like a cucumber you would buy at the store! I have other baby cucumbers growing too!Nieto Photography 2015

I’m getting more potatoes too. I made boiled potatoes and french fries. I like digging potatoes up. I will never get tired of yummy potatoes!

We are starting to get zucchini from our garden too. We make zucchini quiche and zucchini fritters out of zucchini. We also eat a pasta that has zucchini in it. I think we have gotten 4 zucchini this year. We also made a new recipe called zucchini frittata. I like zucchini!

We have been weeding a lot lately and I think the reason for that is last week we didn’t weed at all because we were so busy. So now four of us go outside and pull about three 5 gallon buckets full of weeds each day! We feed the weeds we pull to our chickens.

Our chickens are doing good. We have another broody hen! We have never had a black Australorp go broody before but now we do. These black chickens are really known for their egg laying in winter so I was surprised. That’s the good news. The bad news is that recently a momma hen and her two chicks got taken!


3 thoughts on “9yo’s Garden Update

  1. daphnegould

    I’ve been weeding a lot too, but not nearly as many as 15 gallons of weeds each day. I wish I were getting so much zucchini. Mine has just started. I’ve only picked one.

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      Well, I was basically out of commission for 6 weeks because of morning sickness so we were playing catch up and our garden is a lot bigger than yours. It took us a total of 2 weeks, about an hour a day, which ended up being about 12-5gallon buckets each day between me and the 4 oldest kids. We are caught up now and other than a quick weekly walk-through, are done weeding for the rest of the year, thanks to the mulch. – the 9yo’s mom đŸ™‚


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