Harvest Monday

August 24, 2015

What even happened this week? It has been crazy!


We put up the electric fence.

Something got in anyway and tore into all but 4 of our melons. The crows have set up residence this year in the garden so it is possible it is them and our fencing is working.

We put up fishing wire to keep the deer out. They broke through (the bottom one so I think it was a fawn) and ate all of my sweet potato vines down to the nub!

What we did about said issues:

  1. We cut all the grass around the electric fencing to keep the current strong.
  2. I went ahead and ripped out all of the watermelons and harvested what we could.
  3. We found the groundhog hole and put gum in and around it.
  4. I re-strung the fishing wire. I am thinking I will need to get thicker wire (I just used what we had on hand) OR possibly put another line of electric wire where it was broken to deter the fawns. I hear if the deer get through it is because #1 you used fishing wire that was too thin, #2 they were running through (no fishing wire will stop them), or #3 baby deer found how to get through and the adults followed suit. I also want to borrow our neighbor’s camera to see if/how they do it again.

So, other than harvesting, I spread some more compost in the garden and planted some more fall crops. Next week, I will continue to spread compost, continue to harvest, and continue to plant fall crops!

As the squash bugs were taking out my zucchini plants earlier this summer šŸ˜¦ the melon plants were starting to produce. So as I ripped out one section of melons, we noticed there were a lot of squash bugs left over. Since the whole area was fenced in anyway, we put 6 chickens in there to clean it up. They did WONDERFULLY. Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015As they ate all of the bugs, we harvested the rest of the potatoes and fixed the fencing. When we noticed they were not eating or scratching, just looking around, we put them back in the run. If only every section in the garden could be cleaned up so nicely! I’ll have to think about putting something like that in place…

Other than melons, we harvested beans, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and cucumbers.Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015(the 4yo has been lining up and organizing everything lately. very interesting…) Nieto Photography 2015(A couple of watermelon grew inside the fence. They had to be cut out.)

What are you harvesting? What are you planting for the fall? Any advice on the deer or groundhogs or raccoons? Check out what other gardeners are up to this time of year at Daphne’s Dandelions.


5 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. Cindy Haskins

    This is my new deterrent for deer……1 gallon of water, 1egg, 2tbsps. garlic powder, 1/4 to 1/2 bottle Tabasco. Mix well and put in spray bottle. Good Luck! Aunt Cindy

  2. dvelten

    Sorry to hear about your critter problem. This seems to be the year for a deer and groundhog invasion. At least you did rescue a few melons. Hope the new countermeasures work.

  3. Daisy

    I like the picture of the 4-year-old’s organization. This is actually an early math skill. I hope he keeps up the good work! (You guessed right, I’m a teacher)


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