Harvest Monday

December 14, 2105

We are not harvesting anything fresh out of the garden right now. We are waiting on some carrots, kale, and cabbages to mature. Everything else planted (spinach, lettuce, more carrots, cabbages, broccoli, and sprouting broccoli) will be harvest-ready in early spring when our days lengthen a bit more.

We are using our free pumpkins from the pumpkin farm little by little in baked oatmeal and other baked goods. And we are on box 3 of 6 of sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will last us through February this year 😦Nieto Photography 2015(sweet potatoes wrapped in newspaper over to the side…all of the little pumpkins are gone now and only half of the big ones are left)

We are using our frozen tomatoes in soups and marinara as needed. I can’t imagine ever using all of them up but we’ll see! We also have about a gallon of frozen green beans left from this summer.

I ordered most of my seeds and all of my garden potatoes this week. I am planning on growing my own sweet potato slips this year. My home-grown slips seemed to do just as well or even better than the ones I bought last year. I still need to order my June-bearing strawberries and June-bearing raspberries and I should be set! Per usual, I just have to figure out where everything will go.

I am really hoping my husband’s schedule will slow down soon so we can rip up a bunch of tarp and expand the garden so I will have more planting options this next year!

Is your garden sleeping or are you still harvesting? Head over to Our Happy Acres to see what other gardeners are up to this December.


2 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. Dave @ OurHappyAcres

    I surely agree with you on the home grown sweet potato slips. Mine definitely have less issues than the ones I buy through the mail, which are usually pretty sad looking when they arrive. I hope ours will last us through the winter, since it was a good year for them here.

  2. Molly Schultz

    Those pumpkins!!! How did you score such a great “freebie”?! You need some pigs…man, they would love all those 🙂 Where do you order your seeds from? I like Southern Exposure, Johnny’s and Territorial Seeds.


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