Harvest Monday

January 4, 2016

It has been FOREVER since my last post but there has basically been no news.

It has been very warm and very wet as of late.Nieto Photography 2015(this was in the middle of a rain and it dried up the next day, thanks to the mulch but still…very wet in eastern NC)

The spring bulbs are extremely confused.Nieto Photography 2015

As are some of the sprouting broccoli.Nieto Photography 2015(yes, that is sprouting broccoli that is going to seed!)

We were able to harvest three cabbage heads (two were a little loose and could have been harvested later). How can you tell for sure?Nieto Photography 2015(one of the smaller ones)Nieto Photography 2015And a few carrots.

I made enough coleslaw for 5 meals (froze 4) so that will be nice in the weeks to come as something has decided to eat all of my kale in the garden 😦

We are in a cold snap (mostly 40s for the week when it has been in the 70s lately) so I need to go ahead and cover everything with a heavier cloth so they will all survive.

I’ll write a post later this week about what the garden looks like at the beginning of January, compared to the beginning of December. And as soon as I get my seeds, I’ll do a post on that. Have a nice Monday! Check out what other gardeners are harvesting at Our Happy Acres.


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