Working on the Gardening TO DO List

February 22, 2016

You know those beautiful purple cabbages I was just waiting to grow? Nieto Photography 2016Yeah, the deer got to those a couple of days after that picture was taken 😦 I still have 3 cabbages left in other tunnels and I am determined to keep those covered until they are ready to be harvested!

We have been taking advantage of the nice weather we had this week since we made it out of the 30s. I finished pruning the blueberry bushes, the fruiting trees, and the ornamental trees and bushes.

We prepared a section for the new raspberries I ordered by ripping up tarp then putting down chicken manure and woodchips. Nieto Photography 2016First, we rip up multiple layers of mulch. Nieto Photography 2016This section is now tarp-free. Nieto Photography 2016Step 2: Spread chicken manure from the coop onto the bare clay. Nieto Photography 2016Step 3: cover with 4-6 inches of woodchips.

I will be planting raspberry canes in this section in a couple of months.

My husband ripped up a lot more tarp in the garden as well. Nieto Photography 2016(This is on the opposite side of the garden from the raspberry patches, by the house. I am planning on planting sweet potato slips in this area…I think 😉 ) Nieto Photography 2016(The final section that was ripped up finishes this side of the garden. Only portions of the garden to the right of the blueberry bushes still have tarp under them…about 1/4 of the garden or less. Soon, the whole area will be plantable 😀

This week, as long as the weather cooperates, I am planning on planting all of my cool weather seeds and possibly some warm weather seeds in the milk jug greenhouses.

Last week, my husband bought a bunch of t-posts from someone who was ripping up their cow fencing. I would like to split up the chicken run into 3-4 sections so we can rotate them and they can have more grass. With all of our new/used t-posts, I feel like we can accomplish that 🙂 AND maybe we can protect our garden from all of the critters this year as well.

How is your garden going? Are you prepping for the new planting season? Have you started planting already? Happy Gardening!


1 thought on “Working on the Gardening TO DO List

  1. Molly Schultz

    Love the pics of the garden. Boohoo about the beautiful purple cabbage. But I really think we need to see a picture of your new baby!!!! Boy? Girl? Name? I can’t wait….
    Love, Molly


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