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Harvest Monday

September 1, 2014

Quick Harvest Monday update…

This week, we harvested:

Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, our first butternut squash!

Nieto Family - August 24 14 - 0444Raspberries, Strawberries

Nieto Family - August 25 14 - 0007I meant to take a picture before I doled them out. We harvested this x5 🙂 Only a trickle but what a treat!

More beans

Nieto Family - August 25 14 - 0009Our last zucchini 😦

Nieto Family - August 30 14 - 0028and…drum roll please!

Our first watermelon!!!Nieto Family - August 26 14 - 0005About a foot and a half long,  Nieto Family - August 26 14 - 0006about 8 inches long Nieto Family - August 26 14 - 0009Red, juicy, and sweet on the inside!

We were really nervous when cutting into this one. Our last one was not ripe yet :\ But this one was great! We ate two (comparable sizes) this week ad have about 6 more waiting for us.Yay fresh fruit! Yay lower grocery bill 😉

Check out what others harvested this week at Daphne’s Dandelions 🙂


Garden in July

July 9, 2014

There is SOOOOOO much going on in the garden these days!

_DSF9171-Edit(Garden at the beginning of June)DSC_4679-Edit(Garden at the beginning of July)

Hard to tell much from afar, except that there is a lot more green going on 🙂

I’ll start from closest and work my way back…


The potato plants are starting to die back. The purple potatoes were planted later so they are still green. We are harvesting whenever we need them instead of all at once.


Tomatoes are getting bigger and bigger. I can’t wait until they start ripening!_DSC6101 DSC_4669We have a ton of baby bell peppers — just waiting for them to grow and turn pretty yellows and reds!_DSC6110 DSC_4670The watermelon plant has sprawled as of late.

_DSC6105 DSC_4668I found a baby watermelon the other day!_DSC6103(look really closely — towards the top)

And we have baby yellow squash 🙂 No zucchini yet…


The pole beans continue to climb the corn stalks._DSC3277Most of the squash plants I planted in the corn patch have succumbed to squash bugs.DSC_4671(another one bites the dust 😦 )

One has rebounded, however — butternut squash! 🙂

_DSC6120As for the corn, it has GROWN (my mom is 5’10”) and put out tassels…DSC_4678Corn is in our near(ish) future!DSC_4676Moving along to the original SWEET POTATO PATCH (there are 2.5 more now because of all the slips produced)…_DSC6114It is starting to fill out. The sections next to the beans are bare — the beans seem to be hogging all of the moisture. The other patches are doing GREAT! One is in a raised bed and the other is where the peas were ripped out. Alas, no pictures…

Next up, SUNFLOWERS! _DSC6123DSC_4677(taller than the corn!) _DSC6127 _DSC6148 _DSC6153 Nieto Family - July 01 14 - 0240The blueberries are doing well…still getting 8 quarts/day. While picking, however, we have seen some bugs trying to defoliate the bushes completely. _DSC6140We have found them on a handful of bushes. We just pluck the leaf off or cut the branch. They are yummy treats for the chickens 🙂 A couple of bushes were almost completely decimated but hopefully they’ll make a comeback.

Moving along to the OVERFLOW GARDEN:

The spaghetti squash is producing like gangbusters!DSC_4674(the one in the forefront is turning color but there are more in the back — they’re everywhere!)

My daughter’s marigolds are starting to bloom.Nieto Family - July 01 14 - 0237I am collecting seeds from my lunar carrots…DSC_4673And spinach seeds for fall planting. DSC_4675That’s what’s going on in the garden at the beginning of July!

Here is a pic of the first chicks hatched on our homestead (not ordered). They are in the tunnel. One is a hen and one a rooster. The rooster (Whitey) crowed for the first time yesterday! They are inseparable.

We have just started letting the newest chick and mama hen free range (supervised) in the evenings. The mama seems to be a good mama – very protective of the chick, as you can see…

Nieto Family - July 01 14 - 0294How is your garden coming along? Are you about ready for the harvesting flush that is about to happen?

I am linking up with Green Thumb Thursdays today. Check out what’s going on at others’ homesteads 🙂