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Harvest Monday

March 9, 2015

Still only harvesting eggs. I am hoping that will change soon though! The chickens laid more eggs in the first week of March than they did in the whole month of January. 🙂

This week, I planted peas, spinach, carrots, and beets. Last year, I waited until mid-March to plant spinach and peas. I want to see how much I can stretch the seasons.10419545_896695280381322_1254760220913361805_nSpinach is planted in the raised box. Peas and carrots were planted elsewhere. I forgot to cover the carrots with sticks. Only by the grace of God, the cat and the chickens (who got out the next day) did not dig them up! It was especially wet where I planted the peas. Hopefully they do not rot. I will let you know in about 10 days!

Another joy about BTE gardening – little to no mud! Everywhere NOT covered in woodchips — we were sinking up to our ankles in mud. Where there are woodchips, we just raked them back and planted! 🙂 love it!

We redesigned our run so the chickens would have more grass. We turned their run into two runs. I am hoping we will be able to switch them back and forth; letting the grass grow in one while they’re in the other. We cannot let them free range and maintain a large garden.11009848_896695117048005_3078737853170091544_nI planted more greenhouses this week (warm weather crops). Last year I had all of my greenhouses planted by the end of February. I did not plant them later this year on purpose. I have just been so busy pruning, I have not gotten around to them. I assume they will be fine.

Are you harvesting anything? Are you planting? Are you still seeing nothing but white? Check out what other gardeners are doing at Dapne’s Dandelions.


Fall Clean Up and Planning for Spring

August 17, 2013

I did a lot of garden clean up this week and some more fall planting. I ripped out my corn and threw it in the run. The chickens have been enjoying it for the past few days.

stripped corn(One of the many joys of a Back to Eden Garden: I literally gave each stalk a tug and they came out, easy as pie! Gotta love mulch 🙂 ) cleaned corn bedsI have decided to let these corn beds rest until spring (unless I am really hard up for more planting spaces). I am going to add chicken manure as I clean out the coop but other than that, I am going to let them be.

I ripped up some bush bean plants, and planted some more fall crops where the chicken tractor used to be (built in fertilizer). I planted peas there two weeks ago and so far, they are looking great! I planted carrots, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, kale, and broccoli (the last three are covered (see broccoli plant).

new plantingsLast week, I ripped up four layers of tarp & mulch for our 2014 potato patch. I noticed this area stayed wet longer than other areas. It is also surrounded by tarp (we had weed invasions this year in our potato patch) AND it is right next to the house – a major plus!

final potato patch(The different colored mulches is just varying stages of wetness. It took me many days to get this done so the lighter colored mulch is just mulch I put down first and it has dried out)

I ripped up the tarp, laid down veggie compost and chicken compost, and covered it back up with just a few inches of mulch. Right now, I am talking to a friend about aged horse manure. I think I’ll put that down and then put down some more mulch so it will be ready for planting in the spring!

I am thinking about planting potatoes this fall…but I haven’t made up my mind yet. Paul Gautshi harvests his potatoes in September and replants the best ones at the same time (he does not rotate crops). So, I am thinking about looking for potatoes at the farmer’s market and go ahead and planting them this fall. There are no potatoes available from seed catalogs and we have eaten all of our 2013 potatoes already so that would be my only option. I’ll let you know what I decide and how it turns out!

I have also decided to look for sweet potatoes from the farmer’s market. Slips are pretty expensive and slips seem pretty easy to grow so the plan is to buy a variety of sweet potatoes this fall from local farmers, preferably organic, store them all winter (that will be the hardest part – not eating them), grow slips in the spring, and plant our own slips! Has anyone done this before? Any tips for me?

As far as fall plantings go, I continue my succession planting (planting every two weeks), looking at last year’s notes to determine when to stop/start. Because I plant every two weeks, I do not plant an incredible amount so I can afford to lose some seeds if an early frost comes or an unusually cold winter. Being in NC, however, I tend to find that we are surprised more often than not by warm weather in the winter and in those instances, I am rewarded 🙂

Are you planting a fall/winter garden? I read Four Seasons Harvest three years ago. It gave me the motivation to attempt to garden year round and I love it! Some people really need a season or two off from gardening after all of the heat, bugs, and especially weeding all summer long. Gardening with mulch, Back to Eden style, allows me to garden without weeding as much and in turn, there is no weariness after many seasons…well…I’ve been weary of the critters this year but…it doesn’t stop me from wanting to garden! 🙂

Harvest Monday and Starting Fall Crops

July 8, 2013

It’s probably boring for you guys but I am still loving that we get much of the same produce from the garden!

all of us(almost daily stroll through the garden to see how everything is doing – the chickens come with us 😉 )

We are still getting green beans (snaps) & lettuce…

lettuce&snaps carrots (though something is has eaten a few of them – we got the dog back so maybe she’ll take care of whatever it is…)mathildacarrot sethscarrots kale, and blueberries (TONS and they’re still splitting because of the intense amounts of rain we have been getting)! 🙂 lotsoblues (I got this much one morning and had to pick a small bowl more before the end of the week was out)splitting(splitting but still tasty! we just have to fight for them with the hornets and ants now)

Of course I am hoping for different things within the next two weeks but for how slow it was to warm up this spring, I am pleased we are getting so much.

Succession Planting…

I would love to preserve more of my harvests than I do every year. However, it seems something is always coming up (going through morning sickness, having a baby, or just the HEAT) and it takes all of my extra time/energy to just harvest – there is little energy/time left to preserve. I preserve our fruit (by freezing) but it is a rare year that I preserve anything more than a few gallon bags of tomatoes (easy preserving). I know this will happen so I have stopped planting everything at once.

I succession plant like my garden depends on it, because it does! Or, rather, my dinner table does 🙂 As long as it is in season (and I try to stretch the seasons out every year as well), I plant every two weeks:

  • peas (spring and fall)
  • lettuce (year round – during the summer, plant with snaps for shade)
  • carrots, spinach, and kale (spring, fall & winter)
  • snaps (summer)

Of course, there are plants that cannot be planted as frequently but do not have to be planted all at once either

  • corn
  • summer squash

And then there are those that are only planted once

  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • winter squash

This week, I planted more snaps and lettuce (keeping up the two-week succession), planted some late-season zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumber (trying to somehow outwit those squash bugs?) and went ahead and planted fall carrots, peas, and kale. It may be too early to plant the fall crops (this is only the second year I have done this so I am still unsure when to plant) but I only planted a little bit. I am planning on planting A LOT more (like 4x as much) the next planting (in about two weeks).

Is everyone else starting their fall crops already? Am I too early (zone 7a/7b – piedmont/eastern NC)?

I am linking up to Daphne’s Dandelions for Harvest Monday. Go check out what everyone else is harvesting 🙂