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Harvest Monday

April 27, 2015

We are harvesting spinach every other day from seed planted the first of March. I have been planting more every two weeks. We are just starting to harvest a little from the mid-March planting. I plant about 8 square feet each time. I am going to double that for next year. I would like to be able to harvest some every day.Nieto Photography 2015Our lettuce and kale are growing nicely but it will be awhile before we are able to have a different type of salad green. That is okay. Spinach is our favorite salad! I grate some apple to put on the spinach leaves and that is how we eat it every time. YUM!

Other harvests that will be coming soon are peas and strawberries. I planted our strawberries last March. They looked great last year and spread like crazy. This winter, I covered them with chicken manure and woodchips. I was so nervous they would not come through but they have and I have never seen such healthy-looking plants OR a strawberry plant with so many blooms! Pictures just don’t do them justice.Nieto Photography 2015 Nieto Photography 2015One of our last bulbs has bloomed. Now we’re just waiting on our tulips. The bulbs are just starting to some up.Nieto Photography 2015We have spotted some green on our fig trees we ordered this winter! The tops are dead…Nieto Photography 2015But we saw green at the bottom! Nieto Photography 2015I have never had fig trees before. Should I cut some of the tops off or just let it be and see what happens? Our other fig is not showing any green.

Are you harvesting yet? Or are you planting like crazy, like me, dreaming of future harvests? Check out what others are harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions.

Btw, here’s the latest modification on the chick’s coop:Nieto Photography 2015We no longer have to transfer chicks (little or big) into a coop at night. The mama hen takes the baby chicks into the coop straight into the dog crate while the bigger chicks have a separate door to go into the same coop. All that is left to do is to add roosts and to paint it. Who wants to do that for me? I would rather work in the garden then paint a coop :\