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Harvest Monday

March 28, 2016

We are starting to be able to harvest, thanks to some overwintered veggies. Some spinach

Nieto Photography 2016

A few carrotsNieto Photography 2016

And a few purple sprouting broccoli survived the winter under minimal protection.Nieto Photography 2016

I will order thicker agribon next year for the broccoli and sprouting broccoli. The cabbage did not need much, if any, protection from the cold. From the deer on the other hand…that is a different story :\

Peas, beets, carrots, spinach, and lettuce have all been planted but it will be awhile before we are able to harvest anything from the spring garden.

All of the fruit trees are blossoming. Nieto Photography 2016(Pear) Nieto Photography 2016(Peach not mulched. Just starting to bloom.) Nieto Photography 2016(Peach tree mulched. Bloomed several weeks earlier than the other.) Nieto Photography 2016(Blueberries with a carpenter?mason?bumble?bee. I don’t know but those fat bees that never sting are our main pollinators this time of year. LOVE them!) Nieto Photography 2016(Apple Tree)

The raspberries and strawberries are doing well.Nieto Photography 2016The raspberry patch is newly mulched, keeping the weeds at bay. The raspberries are popping through the mulch.Nieto Photography 2016As are the strawberries. They are a little yellow when they first pop through from being sun deprived all winter but they green up really quickly. We already have a couple of flowers.

Speaking of raspberries and strawberries, I planted about 75 June-bearing strawberry plants this week and 10 June-bearing raspberry canes. I am hoping for non-stop berries from May (possibly April) until September, starting next year.

And we have a chicken sitting on some eggs due to hatch early in April. Spring is here!

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Harvest Monday

January 26, 2015

It has been really cold this winter and really rainy…but never together (no snow). We had a few nice days this week so I set to pruning the blueberry bushes. We have 32 fruiting bushes. I was able to prune 9 this week.

Here is a sampling of what they look like before pruning:Nieto Photography 2015And some after pruning: Nieto Photography 2015It looks like there’s nothing left but it is amazing how they fill in and how pruning produces a healthier, more fruitful tree!

I need to finish all the pruning by the end of February because planting starts in earnest in March. This means I have 23 more blueberry bushes to prune, 3 apple trees, 2 pear trees, 2 peach trees, and a mess of other ornamental trees.

Not to mention I am supposed to be getting 2 fig trees and 2 cherry trees in the coming weeks and those need to be planted, regardless of how dreary it is at the time.

Will I get it done? I don’t see how but I guess we’ll see.

I am not harvesting anything these days but last night, we were able to eat a lot of produce from our garden.Nieto Photography 2015From the garden: sweet potatoes, cabbage for the coleslaw, green beans, onions and green peppers (in the bean burgers).

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Garden in January, Eastern NC, Zone 7b and Harvest Monday

January 12, 2015

I am combining Harvest Monday with my monthly garden update this week. It is AMAZING to see how the garden has changed in the last two months!

Beginning of NovemberDSC_6008-EditBeginning of DecemberDSC_6282Beginning of January© Nieto Photography - Nietophotography.com - 919.495.5916 - Christopher NietoWow. In the course of two months, the bushes and trees went from green, to red, to nothing! I never realized how quickly that happened before documenting it in pictures.

We dipped into the teens multiple nights this week and never got out of the 30s many days. So I went ahead and harvested a bunch of veggies — better safe than sorry! The garden is still covered. I am hoping the kale and broccoli plants will survive the cold and will bounce back. We will see.

Celery (from store cuttings) Used them juicing and in soup.

© Nieto Photography - Nietophotography.com - 919.495.5916 - Christopher NietoCabbage (softball size but again, better safe than sorry! And they made enough coleslaw for three nights!)© Nieto Photography - Nietophotography.com - 919.495.5916 - Christopher NietoKale (salad) © Nieto Photography - Nietophotography.com - 919.495.5916 - Christopher NietoLettuce (salad) © Nieto Photography - Nietophotography.com - 919.495.5916 - Christopher NietoI remembered to take a picture one night as an example of how we ate from the garden this week:© Nieto Photography - Nietophotography.com - 919.495.5916 - Christopher NietoThis is my 2yo’s plate. Sloppy joe (marinara sauce from our tomatoes & wild onions), coleslaw (our cabbage), roasted sweet potatoes (ours), steamed green beans (ours). Bread is homemade from freshly milled flour.

All-in-all I spent money on pinto beans, chickpeas, carrots, mayonnaise, mustard, some spices, honey and olive oil (bread). (I buy dry beans, soak, cook, and freeze them in 15oz bags) I may have spent 50c on the whole meal (no more than 10 cents/child, including seconds). Tell me eating healthy is more expensive! Pbsh!

Most of our grocery money these days is going into buying fruit! Fruit is costing us so much, I have fruit on the brain. I ordered extra watermelon and cantaloupe seeds for next summer. I ordered ground cherries. And this past week I ordered two sweet cherry trees and two fig trees. I wanted to order concord grapes as well but the order was getting pretty expensive so I guess I’ll have to wait until next year for those.

My hope is that soon, I will not have to buy any fruit during the spring, summer, or fall and maybe we can dry some fruit so we will not have to buy very much during the winter months either.

Right now, we freeze strawberries and blueberries for use during the winter. We went strawberry picking last May and we are still eating raw strawberry jam. We eat our blueberries in cereal and oatmeal.

Are you harvesting? Are you still eating from your stores? Whether it is your goal to eat only from your land one day, eat only in season, or you just like looking at others’ gardens, check out Daphne’s Dandelions this Harvest Monday 🙂

Harvest Monday

December 22, 2014

I harvested some wild onions and lettuce this week.DSC_6605The kids cracked the last of the pecans. They went ahead and planted a few so we can have our own pecans next year 😉

We don’t have a nut cracker. They go at it the old fashioned way — rocks! The two year old enjoys the activity as much as he enjoys the nuts. The chickens love cleaning up after him 🙂DSC_6606 This is the 4yo’s bowl. As they get older, their nut-cracking skills improve. We’re working on real life skills over here 😉 DSC_6607As I was getting some sweet potatoes out of the pantry this week, I noticed some starting to sprout.DSC_6601 They have been in the pantry to cure. This week, I took them all out, resorted them, individually wrapped them, and put them in the unheated, dry basement.

The box with the unwrapped sweet potatoes went back into the pantry to be used first.

DSC_6603To give you an idea of the size of these: DSC_6604That left me with four boxes of individually wrapped sweet potatoes in the basement. I have them labeled for which I want to use first, second, third, and last (the milk crate). I am hoping these will last us until the first harvest of garden potatoes, in June.


The chickens are down to about five eggs a day. However, now that we are over the ‘light hump’, I am hoping production will steadily increase 🙂DSC_6216One thing I always forget to take a picture of is the way we use all of our berries. We eat our blueberries throughout the winter in our oatmeal, cereal, and as a raw jam (blueberries & flaxseed chopped in the food processor). We eat our strawberries as raw jam also.

I just finished ordering all of my seeds for next year. I am excited to grow more of our food each year! Are you harvesting from the garden and eating from your stores? Head over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see what other gardeners are up to this Harvest Monday.

Harvest Monday

October 20, 2014

Today is the date of our first frost (zone 7b) and apparently this winter is supposed to be a doosey. However, we are still in the 40s at night (70s during the day) and I, for one, am THANKFUL! 🙂

Because of this, we are still able to harvest peas, tomatoes, peppers, and a few raspberries.DSC_5778Other than fresh eating, the peas are frozen for later use.DSC_5780 DSC_5776 DSC_5777We ran out of marinara/passata sauce this week so I made another batch with 2.5 bags of frozen tomatoes, picked earlier this summer.DSC_5783

Also, because we have not reached first frost, I have not had to:

  • rip up the tomato patch including peppers, tomatoes, and marigolds
  • harvest the rest of the sweet potatoes, which is good because I have NO CLUE where I am going to store all of those!
  • cover any of my lettuces, spinach, or root crops that were planted late & will need protection
  • cover my strawberry plants for the winter

And for all of this, I am thankful. I also see all of the work ahead of me and I am overwhelmed just thinking about it! I have spent the week getting out winter clothes for our family of eight. Not fun. Next week, I’m going to have to jump on my ‘prep the garden for the winter’ list.

The covered kale is really loving this cool weather. We have enjoyed many kale salads each night since not many of my spinach seeds sprouted and even less of my lettuce seeds. All is well. We love kale! 🙂 DSC_5787 DSC_5790(From the garden: kale, green beans, sweet potatoes, peppers (in the bean burger). Also made at home – whole wheat bread)

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fyi: these pics are NOT from Nieto Photography. I took the pics from my husband’s camera this week & asked him to send them to me so I could post. He is so incredibly busy this time of year, he forgot to take his tag off of it 🙂