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Harvest Monday

October 13, 2014

We harvested peas, raspberries, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach this week. All of the peas were eaten in the garden. The peppers and tomatoes were eaten as part of lunch as soon as they were picked.

The only harvest picture I remembered to take was the night we only had a taste of raspberries and spinach. Keep in mind, if I were the only person eating, it would have been a nice little salad and dessert. Seeing how we have 5 kids to feed, everyone only got a smidgin that night 🙂 So this week, I’ll share how I am consuming the harvest and less about what is being picked.

Pot Pie, Brown Rice, Spinach and RaspberryDSC_5772From the garden:

  • sweet potato
  • green beans
  • peas
  • corn
  • spinach
  • raspberry

DSC_5757Another night we had a hodge-podge of ‘main dishes’ (anything from enchilada casserole to baked beans or sloppy joes — basically leftovers) along with green beans, sweet potatoes, and a spinach salad from the garden.

Pizza Night! Spinach, artichoke, cream cheese pizza; tomato, mushroom, pepper pizza, green beans, and spaghetti squash.DSC_5759I have always felt badly about pizza night b/c pizza is so unhealthy so I limit it to twice a month. I didn’t realize it until this week, however, that our pizza night meal, other than the cheese, is a very healthy meal!

From the garden:

  • spaghetti squash
  • green beans
  • tomatoes (veggie pizza, pizza sauce, and marinara sauce on the spaghetti squash)
  • green peppers (veggie pizza)
  • kale (white veggie pizza)

The crust is just hard white wheat, yeast, and water. AND, when available from the garden, we also have a salad of some sort! I’m starting to feel better about pizza night 🙂 Yum!

I am linking up with Daphne’s Dandelions to see what others are harvesting from their gardens in October and I am hoping to harvest much more this week!


Harvest Monday

August 4, 2014

This is the last week of blueberries and the end of strawberries is coming soon. Nieto Family - July 28 14 - 0001DSC_5039It was a good run. I am hoping watermelons and raspberries are next on the fruit menu.DSC_5087 _DSC2986 DSC_5088 I’m not as hopeful about cantaloupe this year, unfortunately 😦DSC_5089I actually didn’t notice this until the day after I took this photo…look in the center of the photo, behind a cantaloupe leaf. There is a dark, baby cantaloupe! I am still not holding out much hope for it ripening because if you zoom out… DSC_5090You can see I planted it at the base of a forest of sunflowers. There are actually two cantaloupe plants. Neither are growing very much because of all the shade they are getting!

We’re still harvesting about 2 zucchini and cucumbers each day. We are getting enough beans to eat them about 3x/week.DSC_5082DSC_5015(Another spaghetti squash was found when ripping up the corn patch.) DSC_5083Our tomato harvests are still going strong; though we are still letting them ‘counter-ripen’ because of the splitting.DSC_5085All of our red potatoes we were storing in the basement have been eaten. Now we are on to Yukon Gold and Purple potatoes. I have been harvesting the potatoes from the most shaded part of the patch to the part that gets the most sun. The question is, are they getting bigger as I pick them because they are getting more sun? or because they had more time to grow…?DSC_5084Even with all of our corn issues, we were still able to harvest a 5 gallon bucketful as we were cleaning out the patch.DSC_5016My daughter was able to harvest her first pumpkin (she kicked a pumpkin off the porch last fall…Voila!)DSC_5013We are continuing to harvest and dry marigolds to feed the chickens this winter.Nieto Family - July 26 14 - 0158 Nieto Family - July 26 14 - 0160 Nieto Family - July 26 14 - 0161 Nieto Family - July 26 14 - 0381Hopefully, between these and sunflower seeds, our feed bill won’t be quite as high.

We are loving all of the free (other than seed cost), healthy (no spray, organic or otherwise) produce! 🙂 Here are some ways we consumed it this week.

We had pizza one night. One was veggie pizza with our peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes. The other was a kale (ours), artichoke pizza. We had snaps and spaghetti squash as sides.

DSC_5074Another night, we had bean burgers, roasted potatoes, steamed corn and snaps, and zucchini quiche. Everyone had already started to dig in before I remembered to snap a picture 🙂 This is easily my favorite meal and seeing how everyone asked for seconds, I don’t think they hate it too much either 😉 DSC_5086Head on over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see what everyone else was able to harvest this week!