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New Year, New Things (to try)

February 16, 2013

I’ve never been a ‘jump in with both feet’ kinda girl. I need to KNOW I can succeed before doing something. I need to watch things being done, do them with help a few times, do them with someone looking on, then maybe I will feel comfortable enough tackling said ‘things’ on my own. Fear of failure, anyone?

I’m also not one for New Years Resolutions. That being said, I have been doing A LOT of new things this year! Things I had to just DO, without watching someone do it first – I am very proud 😉

Brand new things I have done this year:

Made 30 cups of vegetable broth. I got the idea to keep a ziplock baggie in the freezer and whenever you cut veggies, put the scraps in there. Then, when it is full, make veggie stock. We put a hold on composting because of all of the rain this summer, our compost pile was turning into more of a mosquito-housing barrel…SO, I had extra veggie scraps lying around – worked out well! Easy peasy and FREE!!! Oh, and I am freezing these (learned about freezing in jars over at Chiot’s Run) so no extra time/energy spent on canning & I can use the lids again and again 🙂

February 08 13 - 0001

February 08 13 - 0002

February 09 13 - 0011

I am currently steeping lemon rinds in vinegar to use for cleaning in a couple of weeks. We used the lemons to juice (we are dabbling) and I do not allow myself to bake (no self control when it comes to sweets in the house) so we had no need for zest. I am so glad I found use for the whole lemon so as not to waste! Less chemicals is always good but again, practically FREE 🙂


I finally cleaned my oven! No, this is not new or exciting but it is the way I cleaned my oven…I have done the self-cleaning setting but it didn’t do a great job and I hear it is really hard on the life of the oven. I have tried the oven-cleaning spray, which could kill a horse! – No Thank You!

I saw on Pinterest that baking soda (sprinkled) and vinegar sprayed on it could work but not only was I skeptical, seeing how my oven has not been cleaned in…your guess is as good as mine…but the smell 😛 However, I had some time on my hands and (unusual) courage so I tried it…just plain ole’ vinegar too (not even w/lemons). I did mix the vinegar w/water. Just sprinkle baking soda, spritz vinegar/water, let soak, wipe – x2 for me (did I not mention exploding baked potatoes and what happens when you cook pumpkins straight on the rack/no pan underneath?). I truly do not remember the last time it looked like this! And I used the oven the next day for supper and NO vinegar smell (or burning potato/pumpkin smell, as before)! AWESOME!

(btw, I took pics of this but even though the oven is crazy clean compared to what it was before, I only have so much time to clean (5 kids and all) so it is not spotless – the pics do not do it justice…if i had before & after pics it would but…anywho…)

I am liking this – the trying of the new things! I realize not all of my ventures will likely be as successful but I am planning on continuing to ‘jump in’!

What new things have you tried this year?