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SEEDS and Harvest Monday

January 11, 2016

All of my seeds, plants, and tubers are ordered for this year and all of my seeds have come in! I am so excited! First, the seeds. I have plenty of tomato, beet, cabbage, bush bean, squash (winter and summer), and melon (watermelon and cantaloupe) seeds. The seeds I needed to replenish were:

  • Peas (wando and green arrow)
  • Pole Beans (purple)
  • Dried Beans (adzuki and black turtle soup)
  • Broccoli (de cicco)
  • Carrots (rainbow blend, nantes, tendersweet, and dragon purple)

I ordered three types of corn seed, each one is to mature at different times:

  • Texas Honey June
  • Country Gentleman
  • Yukon Supreme

I was sent a few tomato varieties for free. Thankfully, I do not have either variety.:

  • Livingston Beauty
  • Red Russian

And there are quite a few new plants I am excited to try growing this year:

  • Lacinato Kale (dinosaur kale)
  • Collard Greens (HIGH in calcium – I am planning on growing, dehydrating, grinding, and adding to all.the.things.)
  • Jericho Lettuce (bred in the deserts of Jerusalem so should hold up to our NC summers quite well! I am very excited about this seed!)
  • Lima Bean
  • Cauliflower
  • Nasturtium (not only a pretty flower and edible but known to keep the dreaded squash bug away!!!)
  • Eggplant
  • Apsaragus (seed)

Nieto Photography 2015In addition to all of these seeds, I also ordered some June-bearing raspberries, three varieties of strawberries (early, mid, and late summer harvests), some purple asparagus plants, and TEN varieties of garden potatoes (early, mid, and late season as well as fingerlings).

Where will I plant these, you ask? What a question! I have NO IDEA, of course!

I am planning on putting the strawberries around the large apple tree (North side of the garden). The asparagus will be planted on the Northern edge of the garden. And I plan on having a bit of a sunflower fence around the whole garden (instead of sunflower patches). I think I know where I am going to plant the raspberries. I have some idea where I am going to plant my spring garden but the 60+ lbs of potatoes? And the three varieties of corn? Yeah, no idea where I’m going to find room for those!

If anyone local wants to offer their help this winter, preparing the garden for the spring (this involves ripping up tarp and pitching and hauling woodchips), I will welcome your help with many thanks!

Our only harvest this week was this head of lettuce. But that’s not too bad as far as Januarys go 🙂Nieto Photography 2015


Harvest Monday

December 29, 2014

This week was quite mild so I was able to get a lot done in the garden. I weeded, mulched, and added some manure to the garden (cleaned out the coop).  I moved some raspberry canes. They spread a lot this summer and needed to be reigned in.

First, I pulled them from the pathway where they spread.

DSC_6646The roots spread really far. On the roots, I found more nodes. Yay 🙂 Now, I’m already thinking of where else I can plant raspberries because I assume they will continue to spread each year. DSC_6649It’s difficult to see because all of the chlorophyll is leaving the leaves but here is the row of newly transplanted raspberry shoots. I still need to put up a trellis. DSC_6653I harvested more kale and wild onions.DSC_6361DSC_6642I made some marinara sauce with these.

One exciting thing that happened this week — I received my seed order!!!

Root veggies: beets, carrots, and onions (I still have some onions seeds from last year and PLENTY of wild onions)

DSC_6656Leafy Greens: two types of lettuce, spinach, and cliantro (free packet) DSC_6657New plant: ground cherries (anyone have success/experience with these?) DSC_6658Squash: summer & winter DSC_6659Melons: watermelons and cantaloupe DSC_6660Tomatoes: I hope I didn’t go overboard 😉 DSC_6661Peppers DSC_6662Brassicas: Kale, broccoli, and two types of purple cabbage DSC_6663Cucumbers DSC_6664Peas DSC_6665Corn and flowers DSC_6666Snap beans DSC_6667I am (always) trying to grow more food for my family and community. I am adding seven more beds this year. In all, I spent about $130 on this order of seeds. It may seem like a lot of money but considering the fact that we eat mainly vegetables, fruit, and grain (no meat or dairy on a regular basis), $130 for a year’s supply of food for my family of 8 is pretty good 🙂

The bad thing about buying seeds is that as soon as they come in, you want to plant them!

Are you harvesting at all? Check out what other gardeners are harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions today.

Thoughts on 2013 and 2014 Garden Plans

December 30, 2013

This is the time of year, as I look over the 2013 season & look forward to 2014, I do not have ‘totals’ but I do have observations:

I did not weigh any of my produce but a couple of things I learned:

  1. Pruning is SO worth it! Our blueberry production quadrupled (at least) after a heavy pruning last year.
  2. Greenhouses are AWESOME! I was able to grow peppers for the first time and tomatoes earlier than ever this year because of them.
  3. Back to Eden garden is fully worth it! I look forward to my soil getting better every year! I went out about once a month this summer (the wettest summer we’ve had), an hour each time, to weed the entire garden and blueberry orchard! I did have to add come chicken manure tea a couple of times, since it was the first year, but other than that, nothing else was added (no chemicals & no money!!!)
  4. I am thankful I wrote down everything I did in the garden this year. I will definitely be looking back as I decide when to plant this year.
  5. A dog is not worth the training it requires for us. My children were afraid of the dog as soon as it was able to outrun them (still a puppy) so training it was all on me & I do not have the time for that!
  6. Cats ARE worth keeping – they have proved very worthwhile in keeping the bunnies away this Fall. We’ll see how they do with the moles/voles in the summer. I am cautiously optimistic!
  7. Our first year of chickens was a wonderful experience. We learned a ton! We lost one to a puppy, one to a fox, and the rooster because he was attacking the children. I am hopeful a friend will have an extra rooster (who is docile) so we can have one again and get back on track to raising our own chicks in 2014. We love our fresh eggs, we love the manure for the garden, we love watching them 🙂

2013 was our best year of gardening so far and I expect 2014 to be twice as fruitful and enjoyable!

I spent an hour & a half the other night planning for next year’s garden:

  • deciding what I want to grow
  • how much room we have in the garden
  • what seeds need to be ordered
  • what needs to be done & when

My goal is to grow all of our vegetables this year. I think I have enough room. I have run into two hiccups, however.

  1. I want to grow popcorn AND sweet corn & was told to not grow them near each other b/c they will cross-pollinate & I will be unable to pop the popcorn. I had planned on them being planted in the same area. 😦 How far apart do they need to be planted? Anyone know?
  2. We juice A LOT of celery but celery does not grow well in our area (too hot). I still want to grow it though so I need A LOT of greenhouses. It has been difficult to get enough so far (we do not drink milk so I am asking others). I am not giving up hope though!

In the 2014 garden, I am planning on growing:

  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • carrots
  • strawberries (Christmas gift – seascape strawberries)
  • chili peppers (new for me)
  • blueberries
  • sweet potatoes (new for me)
  • peas
  • onions (new for me)
  • perennial & annual flowers (new for me)
  • celery (new for me)
  • beets
  • sweet peppers
  • tomatoes
  • melons (watermelon & cantaloupe)
  • cucumbers
  • potatoes
  • summer squash (zucchini & yellow)
  • winter squash (spaghetti & butternut – new for me)
  • popcorn (new for me)
  • sweet corn
  • green beans (snaps)
  • black beans to dry (new to me)
  • pinto beans to dry (new to me)

Very ambitious but it works on paper 😉 I got a gift certificate to rareseeds.com for Christmas and have already ordered some of the seeds I need (minus onions and potatoes). We have already planted kale, lettuce, cabbage, and broccoli in greenhouses. As soon as I get more milk jugs (fingers crossed!), I will order celery & onions and get started on those greenhouses. In February, I will plant the warm-weather crops in milk jugs.

I have a list of 3-9 things to do each month from now until May (when the baby is due) so hopefully I will have enough energy AND we will have enough nice days to get it all done!

I have been working on pruning all this week. What a chore! But I KNOW it is worth it!

For the month of January, I need to…

  • Prune all of our blueberry bushes & fruit trees (halfway done with bushes)
  • Add manure around trees
  • Make raised beds BTE beds (need to cut weed cloth out & add mulch – halfway done)
  • Weed! (stinkin’ bermuda grass seedlings are popping up all over the place & if I do not nip those in the bud, they will TORTURE me this summer even more!)

I love planning but once I’m done, I want to go ahead and get started! These cold days are killing me! I want to get out there & get stuff done! Today, I transplanted some kale into the garden.

December 27 13 - 0012 December 27 13 - 0010(Hopefully they’ll perk up 🙂 ps. the scraggly mess at the top are carrots that are just waiting to be harvested. The tops are a mess because of all of the freezing temps but the carrots are just getting sweeter and sweeter! 🙂 )

What are you doing in your garden this Winter? What are you planning for the Spring? Check out how everyone did in 2013 over at Daphne’s Dandelions today.