Date of Last Frost!!!

April 21, 2014

Ugh. This week gave me a nice anxiety attack. Weather has been looking up for the past few weeks…our last frost date is TODAY after all. This past week the blueberries were blooming, tomatoes in the greenhouses were sprouting, even some potatoes were sprouting!…and then…FREEZING temperatures two nights this week 😦 I was in such a foul mood those two days, just upset about the inevitable.

The freeze burned the potato plants 😦 They seem to be coming back, slowly…

_DSF3783The freezing temperatures killed three tomato sprouts. 😦 One is still holding on though…

_DSF3804(Weed in the middle…Just below the weed is the tomato sprout that survived.)

We won’t really know what kind of effect the weather had on the blueberry bushes until later in the season when they size up (or not).

While it was still nice, I planted some more kale, lettuce, carrots, beets, and spinach at the beginning of this week. I anxiously waited out the cold weather in the middle of the week. And I sighed with relief at the end of the week as the temperatures steadied.

The plan was to mow once the weather was looking up, if I could get the lawn mower started, but towards the end of the week, the baby moved…or my body just gave up…it became impossible to walk, as bones were cracking (feeling like they were breaking) and I could not walk. I put myself on bed rest and prayed everything would settle soon. After all, I have 3-5 more weeks to go.

Now that the weather is looking up again, my TO DO list is getting LONG. Kneeling actually feels wonderful so I am still really looking forward to all that needs to be done — transplanting from the garden, planting warmer weather crops, and harvesting some things soon!

Check out what everyone else is harvesting over at Daphne’s Dandelions 🙂


8 thoughts on “Date of Last Frost!!!

  1. Dave

    That’s a shame about the tomatoes. Hopefully it wasn’t cold enough, long enough to hurt the potatoes too much. I’m still waiting on mine to come up.

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      the potatoes have bounced back 🙂 it really does stink about the tomatoes because they were the last of my cherokee purple and amish paste tomato seeds. i was going to save some this summer 😦

  2. Janet M

    Do your carrots take forever to come up? I keep planting every two weeks, but just now seeing a few tiny leaves from probably 6 weeks ago.

  3. newbiegardengirl Post author

    They do take awhile. I write down when I plant so I can look back the next year & decide whether it was pointless to plant (too cold/too hot) but I generally get impatient by the end of winter and go ahead and start planting (probably before I should). I only plant about 15? seeds at a time when it’s early so I don’t feel like I’m wasting a lot of money…I’m a good rationalizer 😉

    I planted some at the beginning of April and they still have not come up! The ones I planted in February are doing really well (the ones that did actually germinate) but we’re just starting to see good growth on the ones planted in March. Carrots are known for taking forever though…they are totally worth it (imo) when it’s time to harvest 🙂

    1. Janet M

      Thanks for the reply. I have a few sprouting. I think I may not be being diligent enough in keeping my seeds damp when I first put them out. I don’t know how you count out only 15 seeds. I find I plant a lot to get a few. I need to be more careful and keep them watered. I do love the taste of the ones I’ve grown.

  4. daphnegould

    Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. I always assume that May 1st is a safe date. Usually our last frost is around the middle of April. But we have a 33F night in the forecast for later this week. I keep wondering if it will frost then.

    1. newbiegardengirl Post author

      thx 🙂 baby is fine…i did gymnastics for 11 years of my life & so my bones don’t like me in general…it is not the first time i’ve had bone issues… 🙂


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