Dealing with Animals (Our Cat Cannot Eat)

May 27, 2015

Our first year of gardening, I planted lettuce, peas, carrots…they would come up beautifully!…and then be eaten down to a nub. A year later, we were gifted a wonderful, wonderful cat from my MIL.

We were finally able to have peas! Carrots! Lettuce! We have seen her chase off bunnies; she brings us squirrels, moles, voles, snakes, frogs, and lizards. I saw her catch a cardinal out of thin air one day. Another day she brought us a woodpecker that was just about as big as she is (and she is a big cat)! She is a wonderful asset to our garden.

Though she is one tough cookie, she is smart – she will not go after animals bigger than she is. Last week, I went to pick some strawberries. These are what I picked:DSC_8366and just as many had been devoured by something 😦 DSC_8365Since we cover our garden with woodchips, I had no way of knowing whether it was deer or a bunny (no way to see tracks in the dirt)…whatever it was started eating down the greenery on some of the strawberry plants as well!DSC_8403That same day, as we were eating lunch, my 7yo saw something in the garden. It was a groundhog! She picked up the cat and ran after it, hoping the cat would chase it away! πŸ™‚ The groundhog outweighs our cat (though not by much) so she did not pursue it, much to the 7yo’s disappointment.

The next day, we went to pick strawberries and inspect the patch. We were able to harvest a fewDSC_8399 but what we spent most of our time on was putting up fencing. If it was a bunny, which we assumed it wasn’t because of our awesome cat, the netting should take care of it. If it was a groundhog, at least we would see the hole and know. If it was a deer, at least we would see evidence of it knocking down the fence, trying to jump over or matting down the greenery…something!DSC_8404I also cut one of my boys’ hair that night and sprinkled it around the patches.

So far, it seems to be working. This is what we harvested the next day. DSC_8413And two days later…DSC_8451We are harvesting a large bowlful like this every two days now.

SO exciting! I was going to do the fishing-wire deer fence but because no more strawberries were eaten, I waited on that. This does not mean whatever was eating the strawberries will not find a way in but for now, this is our solution.

What do you think it was? What kind of critters do you combat? Do you have cats or dogs that help? Anyone want to train a farm dog for me to keep away the larger critters?


5 thoughts on “Dealing with Animals (Our Cat Cannot Eat)

  1. daphnegould

    I wish I had your cat. We have a lot of cats around here, but they won’t chase the squirrels. Molly catches the mice which is nice, but she just looks at the bigger animals.

  2. Molly Schultz

    yummy looking strawberries! We deal with moles in my garden. They just love all the worms that come and live under the nice wood chips πŸ™‚ my dog is blind and deaf, so he’s pretty useless, ha!


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