Harvest Monday

August 18, 2014

We continued to harvest zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, and beans this week. Nieto Family - August 10 14 - 0023 Nieto Family - August 10 14 - 0039 Nieto Family - August 13 14 - 0012 Nieto Family - August 15 14 - 0023Because of the size of our heavily-producing zucchini plants, I missed a VERY large zucchini.DSC_5096 Nieto Family - August 10 14 - 0022The zucchini plants have since been pulled. They succumbed to squash bugs. They had a good run though (planted May 17; pulled August 17) and some other zucchini plants are already starting to produce 🙂 I used the outside of this zucchini for many dishes and I saved the seeds from the inside to plant for next year so it turns out, it’s a good thing to let one zucchini go.

I also let one cucumber get quite large on accident (hidden by sunflower plants) but it was still used in juicing – I try to let NOTHING go to waste.Nieto Family - August 13 14 - 0013I am definitely thankful for each and every harvest but, unfortunately, I think we are on the downswing of many crops – tomatoes especially. Disease has just taken out too many of them. I am definitely going to have to find a new spot for them next year.Nieto Family - August 16 14 - 0251(You can see there are very few tomatoes OR leaves left on any of the tomato plants.) Nieto Family - August 16 14 - 0260(I have had to rip up about five plants already.)

We harvested our last egg (for awhile) this week. The chickens are moulting. At first, I thought it was because we stopped feeding them chicken feed (like, we accidentally ‘force moulted’ them) but the more I researched, the more I saw that 11 months is a typical cycle for layers. We got our first eggs last September so it would make sense for them to moult in August. I don’t think we ruined them afterall 😉

Here is a picture of our last egg and a store-bought egg. Can you tell which is which?Nieto Family - August 14 14 - 0018The good news with the chickens moulting is that at least we will be able to tell for sure when my daughter’s chick starts laying. It was born at the end of March so it should be laying any day now. My daughter can’t wait until she can start getting paid for eggs!

What are you harvesting this week? Head on over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see what other gardeners are up to.


7 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. Jenny

    Very lovely harvest, and we have the same problem with dying tomatoes as you do – I have tomatoes still hanging on brown plants that I hope to salvage.

  2. Margaret

    My tomatoes have some sort of blight as well and are getting more and more yellow leaves, which I keep removing. Our season ends in about one month so I just keep crossing my fingers that they hold on for a few more weeks.

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve had problems with disease and my tomato plants as well (also, beans were hit badly). I’ve lost quite a few tomato plants and this past week had to pull a ground cherry plant. It’s such a bummer and I’m not really sure what I need to for my future gardens. Otherwise, beautiful harvests!

  4. newbiegardengirl Post author

    thx all. we still have about two months left until first frost. last year, we still had a TON of tomatoes in october but i was too sick (pg) to pick them all. this year, i doubt we’ll have any tomato plants left in october!

  5. daphnegould

    Lovely harvests. And yes I can tell the difference in eggs. I was chatting with the fish seller at my farmers market and we were talking about eggs and how we missed the lady from the Golden Egg farm. She had real pastured eggs. Two people sell eggs at the market, but you can tell that neither of them are pastured eggs.

  6. Will - Eight Gate Farm - NH

    A great haul! Love the kid-foot in the picture…I’m sure there’s a story behind it.

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