Harvest Monday

December 1, 2014

BRRR. Another cold week. It also rained all.week.long. Amazingly, the rain started just as the temperature rose above freezing and stopped just as the temps dropped. Some hail, no snow.

I noticed some of my cloth-covered veggies were getting frost-bitten so I decided to cover everything a bit more heavily this week.

I was able to harvest a pitiful carrot (found all by itself in a forgotten patch)DSC_6291Some lettuceDSC_6294and the kids are inhaling all of the pecans. They are now littering the ground. The kids eat them all day long 🙂

Another unpictured item I have been harvesting quite a bit this week is onions. I have always pulled wild onions as I would any weed but I was asking some fellow gardeners and they said to leave them, especially around trees. We also discussed eating them. They are perfectly fine to eat so…one less thing to buy at the grocery store! I pull a couple and cook them instead of 1/2 of a grocery store onion. They have a stronger taste so that little bit goes a long way!

Other than covering parts of the garden, I worked on putting in a new pathway from our driveway to the brick walkway. Our other mulch pathway was washed away this past spring. It gets really muddy without one. I only had enough cardboard and newspaper for a partial walkway. I’ll finish it when I get more. For right now, it serves its purpose 🙂DSC_6279 DSC_6293I do have one more question for all of you. Anyone know what this berry is?DSC_6289 DSC_6290My neighbor has them growing in a hedge, along the woods. There are TONS of them. I would love to know what they are. Their leaves are elliptic and pretty small.

Check out what other gardeners are harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions!


3 thoughts on “Harvest Monday

  1. daphnegould

    No clue what the berry is. I need to get more mulch for my garden next year. I like to keep my garden paths mulched, but I didn’t add any last spring and it really shows. My shoes get so muddy when I’m out there now.

  2. Merry Hearts Medicine

    The berries look like privet to me. Do the bushes have dark green, oval leaves? I grow a large hedge of those for privacy in my back yard and the chickens go absolutely crazy for the berries. 🙂 In an open, sunny area, the bushes can grow 10-15 feet wide and 15-20 feet tall. I trained one in my chicken run to look like a super-fluffy tree. Every morning in the winter, they rush out of the coop to eat any fallen berries. The stuff can grow two or three feet per year and makes a great area under the branches for the girls to dust bathe and hide from hawks.


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